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Members will be dropping fliers to UBC members in districts of undecided legislators to encourage them to contact their legislators. There will also be banner visibilities. NASRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joe Byrne and UBC General Secretary Tom Flynn will be participating. Meet at the union hall/training center at 920 Candia Road in Manchester. Sign up for the event now!

Let your voice be heard!

CALL your legislator!

EMAIL your legislator! It’s easy and it only takes two minutes!

“Right to Work” laws hurt workers because they diminish our ability to collectively advocate for equitable wages and safe working conditions. Studies consistently show that in states where so-called “Right to Work” is the law, union membership and wages are significantly lower.  In addition, there are statistically much higher rates of job site injury and death.

Make no mistake, so-called “Right to Work” is not about workers’ rights. It’s just another attempt by deep pocketed out-of-state special interests to hurt unions and drive down wages. These groups are spending huge amounts of money to try to tell us how we can work with our contractors. We need to fight back!

Our union has fought and won this fight before, but we need your help if we are going to protect our rights and our union.  Please take two minutes to send a message to your elected officials that so-called “Right to Work” is wrong for New Hampshire.

Let your voice be heard! CALL your legislator!

EMAIL your legislator! It’s easy and it only takes two minutes!

Then text RTW to 855-962-7722 to get updates on the campaign!

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