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The most popular legislation used by anti-union activists on a broad scale is “Right to Work.” The law restricts the rights of unions and employers to negotiate collective bargaining agreements the way they choose to, and leads to lower wages, benefits and safety protections for workers. Union operations, including collective bargaining, job-site servicing, organizing,
contractor relations and more are cut to the bone, with the predicable result that union membership plummets. It also eliminates the level of skills training, benefits and worker dispatch services that successful contractors count on.

It’s no surprise that states that have adopted so-called “Right to Work” or other “free rider” provisions consistently have the lowest level of wages throughout their economies and not just for union workers. There are more accidents and deaths at work in those states, too.

There are no states in the US Northeast that currently have so-called “Right to Work” laws. The nearest “Right to Work” state is Virginia. But it is currently being proposed in New Hampshire. The good news is that union carpenters, contractors and our allies have defeated “Right to Work” several times in the past, by engaging with legislators from all political parties and building bi-partisan coalitions. The bad news is that New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has some deep-pocketed friends from down South who are sending cash to New Hampshire legislators who pledge their support.

Members and contractors are encouraged to learn more about how “Right to Work” would impact their wallets.

Text RTW to 855-962-7722 to get involved in our campaign to protect our union.

Visit our ACTION PAGE to send a message to your legislator.

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Right to Work legislation isn't about expanding rights and freedoms. Existing law already protects the rights of workers who don't want to join a union or to support a union's political efforts. Join the fight to stop Senate Bill 61 "Right to Work".

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