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Building Partnerships from Concept through Construction

Becoming a signatory contractor with the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters involves more than just signing some legal documents and calling the hall to build out your crew. It means building a relationship that benefits your company and your clients.

The Contractors Relations Department at the Carpenters union works closely with each signatory general contractor and subcontractor. They work with contractors, resolving potential problems before they arise, and helping union contractors remain productive and profitable. It is a business relationship, with both the union and contractors working together for mutual success.

With a large pool of signatory contractors, the union provides plenty of options for building a winning team every time. General contractors have access to hundreds of subcontractors and conversely, subcontractors are introduced to new and profitable opportunities with the most successful general contractors in the industry. What makes this so valuable is the guidance of the Contractors Relations Department, identifying which companies are right for each job and putting together building partners that will succeed together.

The Carpenters union is serious about helping all contractors succeed. They get mobility for their crews and introductions to profitable new relationships with owners, developers, and other contractors. They have access to a pool of more than 28,000 members, enabling them to ramp up for a big project or add slowly while expanding their business.

Collaborative Leadership: Building Jobsite Leaders

Our commitment to our employer partners includes the backing of the union’s International Training Center in Las Vegas. There, we help members and management at all levels of a company to take leadership to the next level with a sophisticated leadership development program.

“Collaborative Leadership: Building Jobsite Leaders” focuses on leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, coaching, and collaboration among the parties of a building project, such as the contractor, general contractor, project manager, facility manager and the owner.

The union provides travel, meals and accommodations at our million-square foot facility for the three-day intensive training program. If you’d like to learn more or register for a session, please complete this form or contact Mary Turner in our Contractor Relations Department.

Contractors Directory

The alliance between the North Atlantic States Carpenters union and signatory contractors has become the largest partnership in the building industry. Together we offer project owners greater productivity, superlative quality, and unmatched value. If you are a signatory contractor, you have access to our 1,700+ contractor in a searchable database.

Contractors Database

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With over 30,000 well-trained men and women working across our Council, we guarantee a deep pool of qualified workers for every type of project. We're committed to providing well-rounded carpenters across the entire range of building disciplines. Click to download a map of the jurisdiction of the North Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters.

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