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Volunteer Carpentry

Building Better Communities

Union carpenters and contractors are at the very heart of the community. You see us working in communities across New England and New York state every day. But it’s when we make these neighborhoods a better place to live that the men and women of the North Atlantic States Carpenters Union and Union Contractors really stand out from the crowd.

We have worked with various non-profit agencies and community organizations in an effort to provide donated labor to build a variety of projects. These projects have ranged from small, short-term efforts like building handicap ramps to long-term and larger commitments requiring the coordination of teams of carpenters over a period of months.

Whether it’s donating time, raising money, or simply helping a neighbor in need, we take great pride in making our communities stronger for everyone. Members, and the contractors they work for, are involved in a variety of community-based projects throughout New England and New York state.