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What's my current dues status? How much do I owe?

Contact your Local directly to find out your dues status.

When is my union meeting?

Visit your Local union page on our site to find out meeting details and other important Local-specific information.

Do I have enough hours for health eligibility?

You will need to contact the Benefits Fund directly for more information.

Where can I find a list of upcoming training classes?

Here’s a list of upcoming skills upgrade training courses.

How do I get a new CTV/ID card?

Contact the apprenticeship at 1-508-792-5443 to request a new card.

As a member, who sets my wage rate?

Rates are negotiated between contractors and the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters through collective bargaining. Members have the final say when a vote is conducted to ratify the agreement.

Do I have to reapply/rejoin if I move to a new town or state?

As part of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, NASRCC members who move may transfer their membership from local to local anywhere in North America six months after becoming a member of the Brotherhood. Your local dues must be current to transfer.

Is there training available for journey level workers?

Yes! Our training programs have grown with our union by combining journey worker upgrade classes with the traditional apprentice programs. By taking advantage of training programs throughout their careers, carpenters keep their skills sharp and become more valuable to employers. Upgrade classes are free to members and conveniently scheduled at local training centers and during off-work hours. For a complete schedule of upcoming training opportunities, visit

How much do training classes cost?

All training courses are offered to our members for free. In some cases, a $25-$30 deposit may be required for registration. Such fees are refunded upon successful completion of the class. To see the upcoming training schedule visit