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What is involved with becoming a union contractor?

New contractors are required to provide a Bond to cover benefit payments. If you cannot provide a Bond we ask for money to be deposited into an escrow account. You are required to pay the wage and benefit rates that apply to the type of work that you are doing for the geographical region that the job is located in.

What is the rate?

This depends on several things. We have different rates depending on the type of construction business you operate, i.e.: commercial construction, residential remodel, wood frame, and flooring. Our apprentices are paid at a percentage of the journeyman rate depending on their years in; first year apprentices typically start at 50%. We also have rates for different geographical areas you may work in. You can receive a copy of the current contract rates from our Contractor Relations Department.

What benefits do you offer?

To the contractor we offer a pool of skilled workers, a source of training and the ability to assist in moving projects forward with the relationships we have acquired over the years. To the working member, union benefits include Health insurance, (Dental and Vision care), Pension, and an Annuity. These benefits are offered at no extra cost to their spouse and dependent children.

I already give my crew a 401k, what happens when I sign?

If you have provided your employees with a 401k, they have three options: leave it in the account that you have set up, withdraw their money and roll it over into an IRA, or they can roll it into the Annuity Fund.

Can you help me build my client base?

We have over 800 signatory contractors throughout the Council. If you’re a general contractor we can refer subcontractors to you. If you’re a subcontractor, we can refer you to general contractors. We also have relationships with developers, end-users, politicians, and city officials who are always looking for new contractors to plug into various types of projects.

Can you help me build relationships in the area?

We have a Contractor Relations department that assists our signatory contractors, new and old, by introducing them to other signatory contractors, developers, and architects. We can also be helpful with zoning and planning assistance thru our local unions and their members.

Is my company big enough to join?

Union contractors range in size from having two employees to over several hundred. We believe that every carpenter should get all the benefits that being union affords. This means the carpenters that work on tenant fit-outs, single-family homes, skyscrapers and everything in between.

Question not answered here?

Contact the Contractor Relations department directly at 1-800-275-6200.