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Joe Welch

Joe Welch is no stranger to being a working professional on the water, and his path to becoming a union piledriver has certainly been rich with experience.

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Nellijah Hilliard

The Carpenters 964 Pre-Apprenticeship Program program is offered through the North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund, and is an introduction program into carpentry, for those with little to no experience.

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Ed Arevalo

Ed Arevalo shares how the union has positively impacted his life by giving him “the ability to meet different people from around my Local and from every state, as well as having a strong, supportive community.”

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Local 328 member is “Tough as Nails”

Lieteau was a good casting choice for the show. She has worked as a journey level carpenter, foreman and superintendent throughout her career, and as an instructor and coordinator with North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund. A Dudley, Massachusetts, resident, she’s currently an instructor with the Building Pathways pre-apprenticeship program in Worcester and Boston.

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Jessica Paquette

Prior to joining the Carpenters union, Paquette served in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years. Transitioning back into civilian life, she worked as a correctional officer for two years but knew it wasn’t the right fit for her long-term.

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Lily Thompson

After high school, she worked non-union for a few years before joining the union allowing her to receive stronger benefits and pay. From the get-go, Lily was a determined riser in the construction industry and in 2017 was elected Local 108 (now Local 336) Steward of the Year.

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Jim Morin

Brother Morin worked for several companies during his first ten years in the union until he found a home with Fontaine Bros where he spent the last 33 years as part of the multi-generation family-owned company in Massachusetts.

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Jaclyn Frosolone

At 23 years old, Jaclyn is a Level 1 Mill Cabinet apprentice with specialty Local 51, and is thankful to have found her niche.

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