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January 6, 2021 | Political Action

Carpenters set to beat back RTW in NH

Right to work rally

Carpenters are preparing to confront a serious threat in New Hampshire, where Governor Chris Sununu is trying to ram through a dangerous anti-worker, anti-business “Right to Work” law. Bi-partisan legislative majorities have repeatedly dismissed the measure, which is a centerpiece of a far right national political agenda.

“Right to Work” isn’t actually about workers’ rights…or contractors’ rights.

It results in division among crews on a site and across companies, lowers wages, and increases the rates of job-site injury and death.

It also adds unnecessary regulation on business owners, restricting how they manage their business and the contracts they negotiate.

Talk to your co-workers, talk to your State Senators and State Representatives. Tell them “Right to Work” is a bad bill.

The nearest state with a “Right to Work” law is Virginia. A Virginia-based group is putting significant resources behind Sununu’s effort, including controversial political contributions to members of the legislature that agree to support the bill.