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Manny Francois

Prior to joining the Carpenters union, Brother Francois served in the Marine Corps and then worked as a pharmacy technician for several years.

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Daniel Oill

After graduating from University, he started working in residential carpentry and realized his love for the craft. Now, a 3rd year apprentice, Daniel says while the benefits are great, his appreciation for the brotherhood and the opportunities available is even greater.

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Angel Castillo

Angel Castillo is a 15-year+ member of Local 336 in Central/Western Mass. In 2005, Castillo completed the Westover Job Corp pre-apprenticeship program which helped him prepare for a career in carpentry.⠀

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Stephen McDonald

Local 328 Brother Stephen McDonald grew up in Amesbury, MA and joined the US army out of high school. He served two deployments to Afghanistan and was a victim of an improvised explosive device (IED) attack there, enduring physical injuries to both his legs, particularly his left.

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Kedar Swain

At 18 years old, with no college debt building up and earning while he learns with great benefits to support himself, Swain says he’s very happy with his decision and has “a good thing going on here” for his future. ⠀

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Lashaunta Santos

Now a 16-year member of Local 327, Lashaunta says she wouldn’t change a thing. She loves her trade so much that she got a tattoo to mark her 10-year anniversary in the Carpenters union.

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Deb Cronin

When Deb Cronin turned 50 years old, she signed up and was accepted as an apprentice in the Carpenters union. She’s now a third-year apprentice in Carpenters Local 328 and is a firm believer in working hard to make your dreams come true – whatever your age!

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Catherine Pena

Pena joined the Carpenters union when she was 21. Earning a good wage as an apprentice made it possible for her to buy her first home when she was a 2nd year but she says it didn’t come without hard work and dedication to the trade.

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