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Jaclyn Frosolone

Jaclyn Frosolone

After graduating high school and studying Forensic Science for a period of time, Jaclyn Frosolone decided it wasn’t for her and dropped out. Knowing that a traditional four-year college degree wasn’t the only path to a successful career, she explored different career options available. Having always loved working with her hands and holds artistic characteristics, a friend steered her in the direction of the trades. She took carpentry classes at Orleans/Niagara BOCES to gain some exposure, and soon connected with business representatives from Carpenters Local 276 in Buffalo.

At 23 years old, she is now a Level 1 Mill Cabinet apprentice with specialty Local 51, and is thankful to have found her niche.

“This unique craftsmanship makes me feel lucky to be here. I have loved my job since the minute I started!

She’s working for Hadley Exhibits, a family-run shop based in Buffalo, NY, that design, build, and perform the installation of exhibits for museums, tradeshows, corporate lobbies and more throughout the U.S and around the world.

Jaclyn credits her fellow mill cab carpenters for mentoring her every day, helping her apply her skills to a broad range of renowned projects. She talks about how she’s enjoyed working with plexiglass recently, a very meticulous technique that requires a customized touch.

Over the past month, she and a crew of Local 51 carpenters were working at the Guilder Center at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. During their time there, they installed everything that they had built at the Buffalo shop in the past year – from giant walls to glass cabinet cases to hold the treasured artifacts in.

“It’s very cool to see the things you’ve worked on with your hands for several months being in a famous museum for everyone to admire.”

Jaclyn has also worked on the Jackie Robinson Museum in NYC, the sailing museum in Newport, RI and in awe of many of her friends – she installed glass cases to hold vintage Christian Dior dresses in Brooklyn!