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Jamaine Ortiz

Jamaine Ortiz of Local 336 stays focused on the job and in the ring.

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Sebastian Rule

Sebastian is a member of Local 291 and says he feels a huge sense of pride when he is able to point at something in his community and say “I built that!”

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Nick Crimaldi

Nick Crimaldi is an apprentice in Local 328, a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology and is currently enrolled at Havard University.

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Michelle Thomas

After attending an orientation explaining the carpentry apprenticeship program and the Sisters in the Brotherhood on Long Island, Michelle knew a career in the carpentry trade was for her.

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Kendall Sceviour

Kendall Sceviour is a member of Local 327, and says regardless of your size or gender, you can do anything with good training, a good attitude and practice!

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Keisha Campbell

Keisha Campbell is a member of Local 327 for over twenty years, and says she still loves going to work every day!

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James McSorley

When James McSorley was overworked and underpaid, he explored joining the union, and he’s glad of it.

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Hugo Morales

Returning to civilian life after 10 years travelling the world in the Marine Corps, he struggled to find a path for himself. Needing a job, he walked onto a construction site in East Boston, where he grew up.

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