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Catherine Pena

Pena joined the Carpenters union when she was 21. Earning a good wage as an apprentice made it possible for her to buy her first home when she was a 2nd year but she says it didn’t come without hard work and dedication to the trade.

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Angie Risso

After working in the same role for 18 years, Angie explored the Building Pathways program and at the age at 35, she signed up and was accepted as an apprentice in the Carpenters union.

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Annisha Simpson

Annisha Simpson is a 3rd year apprentice in Local 328. She’s working for New England Finish Systems, and at night she is working towards earning an associate’s degree in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Jackie McGurn

Jackie McGurn took some career advice from her father and brother who are both union carpenters, and hasn’t looked back since!

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Dwayne McClary

Dwayne McClary has been a union carpenter for over 16 years. He was recently hired as a full-time instructor by the NASCTF specializing in interior systems at the Rochester Training Center.

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Art Seacord

Art Seacord, a 51-year member of Local 291 was eager to join the union because of the good pay and excellent benefits. Now retired, he is enjoying the lifestyle his pension provides.

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Jamaine Ortiz

Jamaine Ortiz of Local 336 stays focused on the job and in the ring.

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Sebastian Rule

Sebastian is a member of Local 291 and says he feels a huge sense of pride when he is able to point at something in his community and say “I built that!”

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