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April 30, 2021 | In the Community

Local 326 Carpenters Help Build a Safer Community in New England

Local 326 Carpenters helping build a safer community in New England

The North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund, Carpenters Local 326 and the North Atlantic States Carpenters Labor Management were proud to partner with the New Haven Police Department and Spike K9’s Fund to help K9s across New England develop confidence in the work the police officers ask them to do while on duty.

With materials donated by the NASCLMP, members of Local 326 including Jeff Wocheski, Marc Okum, Brian Scully, Michael Desmond and NASCTF instructors Angelo Defilippo, Piotr Kielbowicz, Josh Colon and Mike Oliver worked off the prints provided by the police department and build 11 obstacles at the Yalesville Training center in just two weeks.

On Saturday they delivered and helped install the obstacles at the training site in Hamden, CT and afterwards watched in awe as the dogs and law-enforcement personnel took full advantage of their new training props.

“Now over 25 working K9s in New England will receive better training thanks to the work of the Carpenters union. Thanks to the NASCTF for your donation of time, materials and ensuring every obstacle was safely built for the dogs,” said Spike K9’s Fund.

Photo credit: Spike K9’s Fund.