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April 30, 2021 | In the Community

Carpenters Local 326 Partner with House of Heroes Connecticut

House of Heroes Connecticut

For the third consecutive year, Carpenters Local 326 were once again happy to partner with House of Heroes Connecticut that provides veterans in our communities with home repairs and improvements.

Joshua Hight, a U.S. Army and Connecticut National Guard veteran and his wife Amorette, a U.S. Navy veteran have endured homelessness, PTSD and other life-changing challenges. Over the past number of years, maintenance on the couple’s East Hartford home has suffered as they focused on work and caring for their autistic son.

“Our local heroes, including veterans and first responders, answer the call to serve every day. The Carpenters Local 326 team is humbled to use our skills and knowledge to repay that service,” said Chris Bachant, Local 326 Business Representative.

On Saturday, members from Local 326 including Chris Bachant, Miguel Fuentes, Mike Robinson, Jason Lebel and Paul Talbot did just that. They showed up at the Hights home at 8am and volunteered their time and their skills until their home was transformed. Together they installed a 50 sq ft of pre-finished oak hard wood flooring, removed and installed windows, built an exterior landing with three steps and installed a new basement door at the house.

“As many of us here at Carpenters Local 326, including myself as well as several other staff members are veterans, we never hesitate to answer the call to help veterans in need in our communities. Amorette and Joshua were very grateful for the work we did on their home and it was an honor to be able to help them,” said Jeff Wolcheski Local 326 Regional Manager.