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November 13, 2023 | Political Action, Training

Gov Healey kicked off National Apprenticeship Week with Union Carpenters

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey kicked off National Apprenticeship Week at the Carpenters Center in Dorchester, celebrating our apprentices and our programs.

Healey was joined by two cabinet secretaries from her administration, including Secretary of Labor Lauren Jones and Secretary of Housing Edward Augustus as well as a number of other executive branch staff.

Healey visited a classroom session and two workshop classes that were being held before speaking at a press conference. Also speaking were fourth year apprentice Amanda Bacon (LU 327) and third-year apprentice Jonathon Rodriguez (LU 339).

Bacon and Rodriguez spoke about their experience before and after finding the apprenticeship program, with Bacon calling it her “golden ticket.”

Healey said her administration was “all in” on apprenticeships, citing the investments her administration has made in apprenticeship training as well as the job creation expected from her plan to address the housing crisis in the state. Augustus said that the administration looked forward to utilizing apprentices like those in attendance today for the housing work and using “responsible development” practices to ensure public investments did not fund activity that undermines good jobs and good businesses.