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June 1, 2022 | Around the NASRCC, Political Action

The NASRCC Endorse Maura Healey for Governor of Massachusetts

“Maura Healey understands our industry, our issues and the men and women of the Commonwealth who work with their hands,” said Joe Byrne, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the NASRCC. “She’s been a champion for workers’ rights and for equity and inclusion. Maura Healey is also a fighter who has not been afraid to take on powerful people to protect residents of Massachusetts. As Governor, Maura Healey will use the tools already available to protect workers and help us create a construction industry that we can be proud of: one that supports economic development and jobs for healthy, happy middle-class families.”

Byrne was joined by dozens of members at the Carpenters Center in Dorchester, where the union’s regional headquarters and one of their training centers is located.

“The Carpenters build our homes, our schools, our businesses, as well as strong career pathways and a fair economy for our families,” said Maura Healey. “I’m honored to receive their endorsement, and I look forward to continuing to partner with them to combat wage theft and worker misclassification, advocate for fair wages and enhanced workplace safety, and expand job training opportunities.”

Byrne reminded members that what makes an endorsement from the Carpenters union so valuable to candidates is the reputation they’ve built for being politically educated and being active on the campaign trail and in the voting booth. He encouraged them to uphold that standard in 2022.

The decision by the Carpenters union to endorse Healey was made after outreach to all declared candidates and thorough discussion with those who responded.