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February 14, 2024 | Area Standards, Political Action

Bad News From Callahan in Worcester

Callahan Construction is at it again and this time that’s bad news for residents of the Poet Hill neighborhood in Worcester.

Trucks going in and out of the Callahan site have been tearing up lawns, breaking windshields and causing roads to be nearly impassable. Residents are concerned about safety, noise and a general mess around the project that could go on for two years.

At a meeting this week also attended by members of the Carpenters union, residents and elected officials discussed the many issues. Callahan has had to suspend all activity on the project until they can clean up their act. Fox 25 News reported the story.

“We know that wherever Callahan goes, trouble often follows,” said NASRCC Organizing Director Noel Xavier. “Residents are already seeing problems here and if this job goes the way Callahan’s job in Marina Bay in Quincy went, the headaches will last a lot longer than construction.”

“Hats off to the team at Local 336 for keeping an eye on Callahan, understanding the concerns of people in the neighborhood and connecting them to City officials. This is a good example of leveraging our knowledge and relationships to impact the industry.”