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May 12, 2023 | Area Standards

Mold Nightmares for Residents at Quincy Marina Bay

Two apartment buildings once celebrated by developers and city leaders in Quincy, Massachusetts are now the subject of a lawsuit by the owners who allege Callahan, Inc. and Cube 3 Studio failed to “properly design and construct the Project in accordance with their contractual obligations.”

Despite only being completed in 2018, the lawsuit alleges that there has been “water intrusion in various areas of the Project, generally near the roof edge, air water barriers, flashing, and related wall cladding.” It claims repair work performed “by Callahan in 2018 and 2019 did not successfully address the water intrusion issues with the building envelope indicated that not only was Callahan’s initial work improperly performed, but the repair work undertaken by Callahan to remedy that initial work was also defective.”

Also included in the lawsuit is information about inspections of the buildings that have raised concerns about damage to an exterior wall structure and the safety of apartment balconies attached to it. Use of the balconies has also been limited because of “incomplete fastening at the top and bottom of wood balcony support posts,” according to the lawsuit.

In addition to allegations about initial work and repairs, Callahan has been accused of “abandoning the Project.” Research into the record of Callahan, Inc. reveals a long history of subcontractors that extensively engage in wage theft, payroll tax fraud, insurance fraud, and substandard and/or unsafe building practices.

Pictures shared by residents shows mold and water damage as well as the extent of repair work and the inconvenience it has caused.