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Lashaunta Santos

Local 327 Lashaunta Santos UBC Tattoo

Lashaunta Santos says she knew she didn’t want to do the “college thing” but instead wanted to pursue a good-paying career in the trades. Lashaunta says she wouldn’t change a thing. She loves her trade so much that she even got a tattoo to mark her 10-year anniversary in the union.

“I have lots of other tattoos that are hidden, but this one I knew I wanted everyone to see because I’m proud of what I do every day and what I represent: a sisterhood and a brotherhood. This tattoo is loud and proud,” she smiled.

The tattoo itself has the UBC emblem with the Interstate 93 and the Boston skyline in there and, of course, a female carpenter.

Lashaunta is currently working at the Boston Arts Academy for Sweeney Drywall Finishes and said “I’m kinda known as the drywall sister – it’s my thing! I’ve only ever worked for Sweeney (Drywall) and Save-On-Wall throughout my 16-year career. When I walked on the jobsite at Boston Arts, Damian Bell from Sweeney Drywall said to me ‘Hey Lashaunta, welcome home!’ It’s things like that make the job better every day. We really are one big family.”

Lashaunta is also active in the Sisters in the Brotherhood chapter in Boston and credits fellow Local 327 sister Keisha Campbell for pushing her to get involved. “I’m definitely big on helping people and my community. Any knowledge that I can pass on to apprentices or pre-apprentices, I’m all for that.”