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August 18, 2022 | Around the NASRCC

Wu Facilitates Construction Safety Discussions

Mayor Wu Facilitates Construction Safety Discussions

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu hosted a meeting of construction industry leaders at the Carpenters Center in Dorchester this morning to discuss jobsite safety.

The industry has been struck with significant incidents in recent months raising public concern. For the meeting, the Mayor called together members of her administration the Boston Fire Department, OSHA and representatives of leading contractors and building trades unions.

Mayor Wu made it clear she wasn’t interested in finger-pointing, but instead an honest discussions of better protecting workers. She recognized the difficulties posed by aging infrastructure in the city, as well as increased cost and scheduling pressures faced by contractors.

Close to 100 people attended, discussing the importance of not only training and safety culture, but effective and efficient oversight and consistency throughout individual companies and the lifespan of each project.

“We appreciate the concern Mayor Wu showed for our members and all of the construction workers in the city by calling and attending this meeting,” said NASRCC’s Joe Byrne. “Her willingness to dedicate time and resources to look for solutions and then implement them is clear.”