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June 2, 2020 | Around the NASRCC

We Are Saddened and Troubled

Black Lives Matter on Carpenters buildling

We are saddened and troubled by the recent events in Minnesota, Georgia, and Kentucky. They demonstrate the gap that remains between the promise of America and the reality facing too many Americans.

We applaud and support the tens of thousands who have come out to participate in peaceful rallies and the law enforcement officers who have responded professionally in kind.

Violence from opportunists or overzealous police, however, must be clearly and directly condemned. Not only does it extend the damage to our country, but it also generates finger-pointing and excuses for people to avoid getting to the root of our problems.

Over the years, the Carpenters union has had to confront our own difficult past, when people of color were discouraged from joining or actively excluded from our ranks. While we have made significant progress, we recognize that there remains more work to be done.

Confronting injustice–be it racial, economic, or gender-based injustice–is complex and uncomfortable. But the issues are too serious and too widespread to ignore simply because they are difficult.

The North Atlantic States Carpenters union is renewing our commitment to do our part through self-examination, outreach and discussion with impacted communities. We hope that by doing so, we will expand opportunities and advance equity to people who still may not consider our trade or organization a viable option for themselves.

We also hope our union and our members will take an active and positive role in our communities on a wider discussion of racial injustice.