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January 29, 2024 | Around the NASRCC

Together, We Meet The Future

Brothers and Sisters: This year is shaping up to be about as interesting and unpredictable as ever. Given our recent pandemic experience, that’s no small statement. But instead of spending too many words on politics and the economy here, I want to talk about how we approach any challenges we face.

As union trades workers, we have all come together to gain as much control as possible over our work and our careers. Together, we train, we build, we negotiate, we plan, and we organize.

At the same time, we know that our fate is subject to some things we can’t control: the economy and the whim of a developer to build or not build a particular project, for example. Maximizing our effort and our success at what we do is essential. As a leader in this union, I firmly believe in the programs developed and offered by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters as well as our regional council and local unions. They harness the wisdom and experience of some of the most talented and dedicated men and women in our industry.

I also have an abiding belief in the hard work and judgment of our rank-and-file members to plug into these programs and have a real impact on our industry.

In the last several months, we’ve seen some great signs throughout our area that our union and our members are prepared to meet the challenges of 2024 and beyond. We may not always have easy times, but we’ll make the most of whatever comes down the road. I hope you enjoy learning about some of our efforts in this issue of the Professional Carpenter and appreciate your Brothers and Sisters who have stepped forward to meet the trials we’ll face.

There are many ways any member can play a role in building a stronger union and a more secure future for yourself and your family. Whether participating in skills training, professional development, mentoring, union social activity, volunteer organizing through area standards campaigns, or political and legislative action, our individual work can make a difference to our entire membership.

Thank you for your membership and service to our union and please join me in supporting and celebrating our fellow Brothers and Sisters as much as possible.

In solidarity,

Joe Byrne