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August 17, 2021 | Area Standards, Political Action

Opposing the Uber Gig Worker Scam

With all of the problems caused by independent contractors in the construction industry, you’d think people would be wise. But big tech dollars are pouring into Massachusetts to convince voters that there should be MORE independent contractors and they “gig barons” have a win in California to make them feel good about their chances.

Companies like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash have been fighting with federal and state agencies and lawmakers for years to get their employees re-classified so they don’t have to pay state and local taxes and avoid the most common worker protections. Unable to make a persuasive case with public officials, they’ve decided to use their mega-billions to bulldoze workers and their advocates by trying to pass a state ballot question here in Massachusetts.

Today, a coalition supported by the Carpenters union announced a challenge to keep it off the 2022 ballot. There are also already questions about campaign finance violations by the Uber-led group.

Following the passage of a similar ballot question in California (“Prop 22”), wages for “gig workers” has already gone down, as has their control over “their work.” There have also been several companies adopting “app employee” models to fire their employees and rebuild their workforce with lower wages, no benefits and no essential worker protections required for employees.

When workers are not classified as employees, they lose Social Security, minimum wage, unemployment, workers’ comp coverage, and safety, harassment and discrimination protections. Stay tuned as we continue this fight to protect workers.