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November 12, 2020

NASRCC Priorities

Building a Stronger Future

We achieve our vision by committing to nine key priorities:

1. Pride:

We’re proud of who we are as brother and sister carpenters. We stand for hard work, trust, drive, responsibility and commitment. We build the future on the strong foundation of our values and our relationships with each other.

2. Diversity:

We will continue to cultivate a membership that reflects the world around us, welcoming members from diverse social backgrounds, talents and life experiences.​

3. Transparency:

We may not always all agree, but we must always all agree to communicate. Through open dialogue, we will address decisions both easy and hard, and set our shared direction.​

4. Partnership:

We get further when we go together, collaborating to amplify our strengths. This includes contractors and developers, political leaders and governments, other trades, and our local communities: we build the relationships with them that contribute to success for us all.​

5. Succession Planning:

We are adding to our seasoned team and preparing a new generation of leaders by bringing in promising individuals who are fresh, diverse and eager to shape the future that they will be a part of.

6. Training:

We’re proactively training for the skills, knowledge and tools of tomorrow to ensure the most professional and productive workforce. As technology reshapes our field and the world around us, nothing is more important than making sure that our members are equipped to make the most of an ever-changing industry.

7. Marketshare:

Our current and future success is dependent on being significant participants in and having a strong influence on construction markets. This will allow us to set and maintain fair and equitable standards for the entire industry.

8. Strength and Stability:

We are working hard to make sure that our benefit funds and wage rates are in the best health possible, ready to provide for those of us today and for the next generation of members.

9. Member Engagement:

Our vision isn’t just about where we’re heading, it’s about being part of something bigger than ourselves, and actively engaging to make it real. This is for all of us and by all of us: Everyone has to show up to win. When we do, we create hope and opportunity for ourselves and show people on the outside what’s possible when you’re a union carpenter.