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April 3, 2023 | Benefits

NASCBF Adds Maternity Benefits, Other Plan Enhancements

The North Atlantic States Carpenters Benefits Funds (NASCBF) has made several enhancements for members throughout the seven states, including industry-leading maternity benefits. The addition of maternity benefits became effective April 1 and includes credited hours, extended health coverage, and supplemental wage replacement for a member for up to 32 weeks per her pregnancy. It puts our plan at the forefront among unions and the construction industry for providing crucial assistance to women who choose a career in the building trades.

Other improvements include extension of dental benefits, employee assistance benefits, life insurance and medical equipment.

“We’re always proud to improve member benefits,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joe Byrne. “To be able to do so on a regional basis, to work towards benefits and plans that are consistent across our council is even better.”

“The addition of maternity benefits is a watershed moment for our health plans,” said NASCBF Executive Director Nick Favorito. “They will have a significant impact on the lives, families and careers of union members and employers and underscore some of the guiding values held by the Board of Trustees.”

Members who are working under a collective bargaining agreement within the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters (NASRCC) may take advantage of the following:

All of the provisions detailed above, with the exception of the maternity health extension, will be available for up to 20 weeks per pregnancy pre-birth; up to 12 weeks per pregnancy post-birth for a total of up to 32 weeks per pregnancy.

“Our SIB (Sisters in the Brotherhood) Committees have talked about the importance of maternity benefits for both recruiting and retaining women,” said Kim Hokanson, a trustee to NASCBF and regional manager for NASRCC in Northern New England who led the initiative and development of these new benefits. “These changes are a direct result of their advocacy and the thoughtful consideration of the NASCBF Board of Trustees. We can now fairly call ourselves a national construction industry leader on this topic.”

Details of benefit funds plans can be complicated and vary, based on eligibility of members. Please be sure to consult the Summary of Material Modifications mailed to you, visit and contact fund offices directly for details and information about benefits specific to your situation.