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Millwrights mix 20/20 dispatch


MIX 20/20 provides members with 24-hour access to information from Regional, District, and Local Councils. Using a touch-tone phone, you will be able to hear important news and local announcements by union officials. From time-to-time, you may be asked to take a survey allowing you to provide feedback on important subjects.

Your Local has instituted MIX job dispatching. You will be able to access and/or update information such as your Out of Work status and Out of Work date. Please contact your local administrator to update your Telephone Reach Numbers, Work Areas and Skills for which you are certified. If you are a member in ARREARS the system “WILL NOT” dispatch you. Click here to review the Out of Work Rules and Procedures.

In addition, if you miss a job call, and the position is still open, you can accept the job by calling the MIX line at 1-888-559-7839.

This guide includes instructions on:


Receiving a Dispatch Call

When you answer a job dispatch, you will hear…

“This is a Job Dispatch call from the NASRCC. This dispatch is intended for…<your first name>.”

Or, you may hear…

“MIX 20/20, press 1”

…in which case you must press ‘1’ to continue.

You will have an opportunity to make the system wait for up to 3 minutes until the member is available, to have the system call back later (without penalty), or continue with the dispatch.

Note: If you have the system call back later, the job will be offered to the next member on the list.

“Please enter your Member PIN:”

Enter your four-digit PIN.

Once validated, you will hear an audio recording describing the specific job assignment.

**If you hang up AFTER ENTERING your PIN, MIX will consider it an automatic decline.

Accepting/Declining a Job

After hearing the information about the job, Press one of the following numbers on your touch-tone phone:

Press 1 to hear the information again. You can repeat the information up to five times.

Press 2 to accept the job. You will hear confirmation of your acceptance, and additional recorded information about the job (if any). Your dispatcher and the contractor will receive written documentation of your acceptance and will expect you to arrive on-time at the assigned location.

When you accept the job, you will automatically be removed from the Out-of-Work list. If it turns out to be a short-term job you may contact your local to have your OOW date reinstated (Council rules may vary).

Press 3 to decline the Job.  Once you end the call, your decline will be recorded by MIX.

Dialing In

Dial the MIX 20/20 toll-free number 1-888-559-7839. You will hear “Welcome to MIX 20/20. Please enter your Member ID.”

Out of Work Lists

Out of work lists usually designate the type of work or geographic area you have selected for potential employment. Depending upon Council rules, you may belong to one or more OOW lists. If a particular job does not fill using its primary list, MIX can search for members of alternate (rollover) lists.

Skill Codes

Designate the particular skills or qualifications you have obtained. Skill codes are administered by your Council Office.

Dispatch Process

You are called according to exact Council Rules. Generally, the member possessing the required skills, with the earliest out of work date (measured to the second), on the primary out of work list, is called first, followed by other members on the primary list. Once the primary list is exhausted, calls proceed to rollover lists.

Privacy Manager

MIX 20/20 is not compatible with the privacy manager feature offered by many local telephone companies. Because it is an automated system, MIX callouts may not reach you within the allotted time. If you use Privacy Manager, make sure you authorize calls from MIX 20/20 Caller ID (1-888-559-7839). Contact your local telephone company for details.


Mix 20/20: Your Online Account

Mix 20/20 offers an online account that contains information that your Local utilizes when sending out job calls. It is important that this information is accurate so  we can ensure you are receiving all the job dispatch calls that you are eligible for. Your online account is located at 

Your username is your UBC number without the U.

Your password is the four digit pin code you selected when first signing up with MIX 20/20. If you have never called the MIX 20/20 line, it will be the last four digits of your social security number. 

What is included on your online account?



What can you change on your online account?



What can’t you change on your online account?



How to change information on your MIX 20/20 account:

  1. Login to your account by going to
  2. Locate the section you want to update and begin typing (if you do not see a text box, it means you cannot edit that section online)
  3. Select “Update”


If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Christy Benedetto by emailing



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