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welcoming Millwrights to the NASRCC

Today, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters announced that Millwright Locals 1121 and 1163 are joining the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. I’d like to welcome our Brothers and Sisters to our regional council and look forward to working with them to expand work opportunities, increase our influence on the industry and build stronger communities throughout our seven states.

The history of affiliation between carpenters and millwrights is a long one. Many members of Locals 1121 and 1163 were previously part of blended local unions in our regional councils that included millwrights, carpenters and other crafts. We have maintained relationships through our participation in common health and retirement funds as well as efforts to protect our work and our members through political and legislative campaigns.

The leadership of the UBC and NASRCC feels a great responsibility to ensure that our Brother and Sister millwrights feel welcome and well served by our regional council.

We know that members will have questions and concerns and look forward to addressing them directly and in-person very soon. In the meantime, we’d like to assure them of some basic information:

The financial assets and liabilities of the Eastern Millwrights council will follow local unions and members in a representative formula determined by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. The Eastern Millwrights Training Fund will be reorganized in time with assets and liabilities distributed to existing training funds where local unions are now represented. Training programs will continue to operate as they have and using existing facilities for the immediate future.

Union millwrights deserve the highest quality representation from the union and together we will work hard to deliver that for each and every member. This is an exciting new period for our union in the North Atlantic States, one that is limited only by our will and focus.

In solidarity,

Joe Byrne
Executive Secretary-Treasurer

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