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June 7, 2023 | In the Community

Local 349 and 352 Come Together to Restore the Home of a Veteran’s Widow

Kevin Nicholson, Board Member and Chair of Maine Homeless Veterans, provided us with his invaluable referral that brought together Local 352 Business Representative Mike McGuigan and Melissa Swett, daughter of the late Army Veteran Michael Donahue. Their collaborative efforts aimed to address the much-needed repairs on Linda Swett’s home, following the financial strain caused by Michael’s battle with cancer.

Linda Swett, now a widow, found herself unable to keep up with the necessary maintenance of her home due to the substantial financial burden incurred from her husband’s medical expenses. As a result, her homeowners insurance policy faced the threat of cancellation due to the house’s deteriorating condition. However, our members from Local 349 and 352 stepped forward to lend a helping hand. Dan Heckathorn, Paul Seaquist, Josh Gerrish, Tyler Morrison, and Mike McGuigan selflessly volunteered their weekends and evenings to work in collaboration with Melissa Swett, her husband Joe Swett, their son Joey Swett, and Mike McGuigan’s father-in-law, Fred Costa. Together, they embarked on a mission to revive Linda’s home. Their dedication went beyond the physical repairs; it demonstrated the extraordinary power of community and the transformative impact of collective action. Through their combined efforts, Linda’s home was not only restored, but her insurance policy was also saved from cancellation. Their commitment and compassion exemplify the true spirit of our community and our members, where individuals come together to assist one another in times of need.