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October 25, 2022 | Area Standards, Political Action

Leading on Wage Theft Crackdown in Lynn

Stop wage theft

Justin Anshewitz, an organizer for the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters has been elected to chair the Lynn (MA) Wage Theft Advisory Committee. The group met following a long, pandemic-related hiatus to follow-up on a wage theft ordinance the City Council passed four years ago.

Wage theft has been a rising problem, particularly in the construction industry where layers of employers create complex relationships that make accountability elusive. The ordinance passed by the city council in Lynn allows the city to not only pull permits and licenses where projects have violated occurred, but to pullback city-granted tax breaks and bar companies from bidding on future work in the city.

Anshewitz and other union members in Lynn have been consistently active in city politics and were well positioned to lobbying for the ordinance in 2018.

The Lynn Daily Item published a story about Anshewitz’ appointment and the ordinance.