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March 14, 2024 | Contractors Corner

Leader of Hub Foundation honored for “Outstanding Achievement in Construction”

Jim Maxwell, a member of Pile Drivers Local 56 and long-time leader of Hub Foundation, who was honored by "The Moles" for "Outstanding Achievement in Construction"

Congratulations to Jim Maxwell, a member of Pile Drivers Local 56 and long-time leader of Hub Foundation, who was honored by “The Moles” for “Outstanding Achievement in Construction” recently in New York.

The Moles are a national, fraternal organization founded in the 1930s by those involved in heavy construction, including tunnels, damns, highways, bridges and more.

Maxwell attended the ceremony with his family, which includes three children who are members of Local 56; Greg and Jeff Maxwell and Alissa Weiss. In his acceptance speech, which was delivered by Jeff, Maxwell gave much of the credit for Hub’s success to: “the combined effort of 20 or so from the ivory tower who created the different approaches to solve foundation problems and the 100 plus who slog through the mud to execute these ideas.”

Maxwell was lauded for the expansion and success of Hub Foundation after he took over the reins of the company in 1981 from his father Francis, who founded the company. The younger Maxwell transitioned the company’s work from pile driving to include micropiles and drilled shafts as well as underpinning, slurry walls, load bearing element and ground improvements.

The evolution of the company didn’t come without hard work, ingenuity, or a generous level of industry camaraderie. Alissa remembered how often he would remind people to be fair and trustworthy because “the industry is small” and “we are only competitors on bid day, every other day, we are friends and need to support each other.”

His willingness to lend equipment, participate in industry research and training are a lasting, living legacy that makes this Brother worthy of recognition. Cheers to Jim and the Hub Foundation family!