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April 18, 2022 | Political Action

Join the Effort to Protect PLAs in New Hampshire

Brothers and Sisters:

Our opponents are at it again in New Hampshire!

Last year, they tried to ram through so-called “Right to Work,” to weaken union rights. We sent them packing with a thorough defeat. Now they’re going directly after jobsite standards by trying to ban the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs).

As you know, PLAs have been strategically and effectively used by local, state and federal governments–as well as many private businesses–to set standards on construction projects to project workers, schedules and budgets.

We need to let our legislators know AGAIN that we won’t stand for anti-union attacks!

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will debate Senate Bill 274, a ban on the use of PLAs for state and local projects. It’s bad for us, bad for our contractors and bad for New Hampshire!

Please do your part to protect Project Labor Agreements by registering your opposition to this bill. To sign in to register your position on a bill and/or submit testimony, use this link: Then take these steps:

Step 1: Personal Information: Fill out you name and home address

Step 2: Select the date of the hearing:  Tuesday, April  19th

Step 3:  Select Bill (choose from dropdown menu’s)

Select the Committee: House Executive Departments and Administration

Choose the Bill:  10:00 am – SB 274

I am: A Member of the Public

I am representing:  Myself

Indicate your position on the bill:   I oppose this bill

Step 4: Testimony – Skip

Step 5: Final Review – Review and then submit


Thank you Brothers and Sisters.