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June 21, 2024 | In the Community, Training

Game Recognizes Game

Game recognizes game! Art Seacord’s persistent encouragement and belief in Richard Bogardus not only led him to join the union but also paved the way for significant advancements in his career as a union carpenter.

“Art is the person who brought me to the union hall 24 and a half years ago,” says Richard Bogardus, training coordinator for the North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund. “It was a life-changing thing for me.”

The pair met on a mixed union and non-union job site in Albany in 2000.

“Art kept telling me to go to the union hall with him. He said I deserved better than I was getting at the time and thankfully I trusted him. He definitely was not wrong.”

After joining the union, Bogardus steadily rose through the ranks on high-profile jobs as a journey level carpenter and steward. His work ethic combined with his ability to lead and mentor members to succeed led him to being hired as the Albany training center coordinator in 2020.

Art, now retired, is a 53+ member of Local 291 and is enjoying the lifestyle his union pension provides. He stays active with his local and enjoys working alongside his brothers and sisters volunteering at several non-profits throughout the Capital District. Every month, he runs the retirees meeting at the hall and occasionally stops by the training center afterward to give apprentices some invaluable advice and trade tips.

“It’s always nice to see each other at union meetings and when Art stops by the training center to talk to apprentices after the retiree meetings. It’s awesome to have a friend and mentor who is still willing to give time and advice to the next generation.”

This is a great example of how having someone in your corner can truly shape the trajectory of your career. As training coordinator, Bogardus says he has the same opportunity to embody the spirit of mentorship that Art showed him all those years ago.

We applaud this cycle of continued support and camaraderie in our union and in our industry!