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2022 New York

Below is a list of state, federal and local candidates who were endorsed by the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. These endorsements were made with input from members and staff and after consideration of the candidates past work or positions on issues closely tied to our work, our union and our members. We invite all members to learn more about these candidates and campaigns and to actively participate in union efforts, campaigns and to vote in elections. Look for candidate names that have links to view video messages from these candidates to our members. Candidates that won the election are highlighted in green, losses in red and races that are still being counted are highlighted yellow.

For information on congressional, senate and assembly districts, the state of New York has produced this easy-to-use layered, online map.

Candidate Office/District Party
Kathy Hochul Governor D
Antonio Delgado Lt. Governor D
Letitia James Attorney General D
Tom DiNapoli NYS Comptroller D
Fred Thiele Assembly District 1 D
Jodi Giglio Assembly District 2 R
Joeseph DeStefano Assembly District 3 R
Steve Englebright Assembly District 4 D
Doug Smith Assembly District 5 R
Phil Ramos Assembly District 6 D
Jerrett Gandolfo Assembly District 7 R
Michael Durso Assembly District 9 R
Steve Stern Assembly District 10 D
Kimberly Jean Pierre Assembly District 11 D
Charles Lavine Assembly District 13 D
Gina Sillitti Assembly District 16 D
John Mikulin Assembly District 17 R
Taylor Darling Assembly District 18 D
Edward Ra Assembly District 19 R
Judith Griffin Assembly District 21 D
Amy Paulin Assembly District 88 D
Gary Pretlow Assembly District 89 D
Nader Sayegh Assembly District 90 D
Steve Otis Assembly District 91 D
Chris Burdick Assembly District 93 D
Matt Slater Assembly District 94 R
Kenneth Zebrowski Assembly District 96 D
Karl Barbenec Assembly District 98 R
Kathryn Luciani Assembly District 99 R
Aileen Gunther Assembly District 100 D
Brian Maher Assembly District 101 R
Brian Miller Assembly District 102 R
Johnathan Jacobson Assembly District 104 D
Didi Barrett Assembly District 106 D
John McDonald Assembly District 108 D
Patricia Fahy Assembly District 109 D
Phil Steck Assembly District 110 D
Angelo Santabaraba Assembly District 111 D
Mary Beth Walsh Assembly District 112 R
Carrie Woerner Assembly District 113 D
Billy Jones Assembly District 115 D
Marianne Buttenschon Assembly District 119 D
William Barclay Assembly District 120 R
Donna Lupardo Assembly District 123 D
Dr. Anna Kelles Assembly District 125 D
Albert Stirpe Assembly District 127 D
Pamela Hunter Assembly District 128 D
William Magnarelli Assembly District 129 D
Jennifer Lundsford Assembly District 135 D
Sarah Clark Assembly District 136 D
Demond Meeks Assembly District 137 D
Harry Bronson Assembly District 138 D
Bill Conrad Assembly District 140 D
Crystal Peoples-Stokes Assembly District 141 D
Patrick Burke Assembly District 142 D
Monica Wallace Assembly District 143 D
Angelo Morinello Assembly District 145 R
Karen McMahon Assembly District 146 D
Jon Rivera Assembly District 149 D
Anthony Palumbo Senate District 1 R
Mario Mattera Senate District 2 R
Monica Martinez Senate District 4 D
John Brooks Senate District 5 D
Kevin Thomas Senate District 6 D
Anna Kaplan Senate District 7 D
Alexis Weik Senate District 8 R
Kenneth Moore Senate District 9 D
Andrea Stewart-Cousins Senate District 35 D
Jamaal Bailey Senate District 36 D
Shelley Mayer Senate District 37 D
Elijah Reichlin-Melnick Senate District 38 D
Rob Rolison Senate District 39 R
Peter Harckham Senate District 40 D
Michelle Hinchey Senate District 41 D
James Skoufis Senate District 42 D
Michelle Osterlich Senate District 44 D
Rachel May Senate District 48 D
Neil Breslin Senate District 46 D
Mark Walczyk Senate District 48 R
Joseph Griffo Senate District 49 R
John Mannion Senate District 50 D
Peter Oberacker Senate District 51 R
Pamela Helming Senate District 54 D
Samra Brouk Senate District 55 D
Jeremy Cooney Senate District 56 D
Tom O’Mara Senate District 58 R
Patrick Gallivan Senate District 60 R
Sean Ryan Senate District 61 D
Robert Ortt Senate District 62 R
Tim Kennedy Senate District 63 D
Nick Lalota Congressional District 1 R
Andrew Garbarino Congressional District 2 R
Robert Zimmerman Congressional District 3 D
Laura Gillen Congressional District 4 D
Sean Patrick Maloney Congressional District 17 D
Pat Ryan Congressional District 18 D
Paul Tonko Congressional District 20 D
Francis Conole Congressional District 22 D
Nick Langworthy Congressional District 23 R
Joe Morelle Congressional District 25 D
Brian Higgins Congressional District 26 D
Kevin Byrne Putnam County Executive R
Paul Arteta Orange County Sheriff R
Karen Beebe Broome County Legislator D
Melinda McGunnigle Onondaga County Court Judge
Julie A. Cecile Onondaga County Family Court Judge

When Union Carpenters Vote, Politicians Listen

One of the fundamental principles of the Carpenters Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is to be an active citizen and an informed voter. By voting, you help build a stronger union and a better future for our families. Please take time to be part of your local union and our council’s political work. By voting and participating in the political process you can help build a stronger union and a better future for our families and our communities.

Voter Information

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