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Jamaine Ortiz

Jamaine Ortiz at the Twin River Casino

When he’s not in the ring or training, you’ll find Jamaine Ortiz working as a journey-level carpenter in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Ortiz was born and raised in Worcester and is a member of Local 336. He learned boxing at the local Boys and Girls Club, and that’s also where he met former NASRCC organizer Manny Gines who shares his love for boxing.

“Manny explained to me a lot about how the union works,” Ortiz said. “How we get involved in the community and politics and how we choose candidates. I go to union meetings and get involved in union activity because I know how important that is.”

Ortiz felt the pride of the Brotherhood when Gines introduced him at a union meeting back in 2015. Members have continued to get behind their fellow Brother by showing up to his fights to support him or chiming in on social media to celebrate his successes.

Ortiz says he looked into carpentry when he was in high school and wanted to learn the trade which led him to the apprenticeship program.

“I love the trade. I like being hands on, the work, the work environment and being active. The days are long with working and training, but it’s like I’ve done some crossfit. I lose weight on the job because it’s like doing physical exercise and strength building,” Ortiz said.

In November 2020, Jamaine Ortiz remained undefeated after winning the WBC USNBC silver lightweight championship in California as part of the undercard for the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr.. Fighting for the first time outside of New England, he scored a technical knockout over Sulaiman Segawa with 10 seconds left in the seventh round.