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Jackie McGurn

“A craftsman is always proud to hear his work is appreciated so when my dad inspired me and my brother to join the Carpenters union, he handed down his legacy, his trade and his skill to me and my brother. He says he couldn’t be prouder of both his trade and his two kids,” said Jackie McGurn.

McGurn joined the Carpenters union in 2015 and is now a journey-level carpenter with Local 327 working for JK glass at Boston’s Logan Airport. She grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and worked alongside her father Matthew and brother Michael on the Tyler Street Bridge job there which she says was “pretty cool!”

After high school, McGurn went to a local community college to pursue a career in the medical field.

“I felt lost and pressurized to attend college because that’s what everyone is supposed to do, right?” she said. “I dropped out after the first semester because I just couldn’t do it financially.”

McGurn was always interested in construction and looked to her father and brother who are both members of Local 336 for career advice. She says it was an easy decision to make once she thought it through.

“Having the opportunity to earn a wage while you learn and receive awesome benefits as an apprentice is amazing. It’s financially reassuring when you’re young and planning your future. I guess loving your job is definitely a major plus too,” she smiled. “Doing something you are proud of everyday is pretty neat. It’s vital to take pride in your work and just remember when you choose a career in the trades, you have endless opportunities.”