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Brandie Rankins

Brandie Rankins

Before joining the union, Brandie was working part time as an assistant store manager, living check to check as a single mother, and struggling to provide for herself and her son.

She started looking at different career options available, and took the step to join YouthBuild Boston. She got an insight into the carpentry trade and soon learned about her passion for working with her hands. Knowing about the great pay, benefits and training, she decided to join the Carpenters union.

Brandie who is a member of Local 327 loves everything about being part of the Carpenters union; having debt-free, on-the-job training, frequent raises, her school schedule, and being active in the union by attending the hall meetings and community events.

Brandie says joining the union was the best move she ever made and is active in helping others choose a career in the trades.

“Being part of an apprenticeship in the union is more than a job. It’s a career and they soon become your second family. It’s a life-changing move for the best. My only regret out of my experience is not joining my union apprenticeship sooner!”

Soon after joining, Brandie noticed something very special about being a union member; the UBC camaraderie.

“What surprised me about being in the union is the support & endless amount of resources.

The level of training also exceeded her expectations, “I was also surprised about the endless amount of classes we are able to take at our training centers, the fact that we may go to Wentworth College at a discounted rate.”