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March 3, 2022

Carpenters Host MA AG Candidates

Union carpenters gathered at the Carpenters Center in Dorchester and online to get an introduction to the declared candidates for Massachusetts Attorney General.

Andrea Campbell, Shannon Liss-Riordan and Quentin Palfry spent more than an hour talking about the role of the Attorney General’s Office and the specific positive impacts it can have in the construction industry.

From wage theft and worker misclassification to prevailing wage enforcement and overseeing public bidding, the candidates were quizzed on a variety of issues that have been addressed with various levels of success over the years. Each candidate highlighted some issues that require cooperative efforts with the Governor’s office or Legislature while others they felt they could aggressively tackle simply by applying focus and their experience and individual skills.

Voters in the Commonwealth will elect a new “people’s lawyer” as incumbent Maura Healy campaigns to be governor.

Jay MacMahon declared his candidacy too late to be invited to the event, but will be contacted about discussing his ideas with the union.