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June 12, 2023

NASRCC Mourns Loss of Brother David Dow, First EST of the NERCC

UBC Second General President Tom Flynn considered Brother Dow a close friend and mentor. He pointed to the practical and constructive way Dow approached his work with the union as an example he still tries to emulate.

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June 8, 2023

Carpenters Add Walsh to Leadership as COO

The North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters is proud to welcome John Walsh to its senior management team. An 18-year member of the union, Walsh joins the union administration as chief operating officer. He will work with Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Byrne and other members of the senior staff to manage operations of the regional governing body of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC).

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June 7, 2023

Local 349 and 352 Come Together to Restore the Home of a Veteran’s Widow

Kevin Nicholson, Board Member and Chair of Maine Homeless Veterans, provided us with his invaluable referral that brought together Local 352 Business Representative Mike McGuigan and Melissa Swett, daughter of the late Army Veteran Michael Donahue. Their collaborative efforts aimed to address the much-needed repairs on Linda Swett’s home, following the financial strain caused by Michael’s battle with cancer.

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May 29, 2023

Carpenters Center Training Renovation

The first floor of the Carpenters Center in Boston is undergoing a renovation to better serve apprentices and the North Atlantic Carpenters Training Fund (NASCTF).

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May 12, 2023

Mold Nightmares for Residents at Quincy Marina Bay

Two apartment buildings once celebrated by developers and city leaders in Quincy, Massachusetts are now the subject of a lawsuit by the owners who allege Callahan, Inc. and Cube 3 Studio failed to “properly design and construct the Project in accordance with their contractual obligations.”

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May 12, 2023


Women looking to get into carpentry and unsure of where to start have a resource in the Sisters in the Brotherhood and an eight-week pre-apprentice program just for women. As part of the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, the Sisters in the Brotherhood program runs this summer at training centers around the state to give women the opportunity to begin careers in the building trades.

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