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Exterior Systems 90% complete Posted by on

The process of installing exterior panels is 90% complete. The final sections, which will be completed in the coming weeks, include the Alucobond paneling located at the loading dock and a section of panels at the northern most part of the building.

Crews have finished installing the cedar accents on the exterior of the building. They are now installing cedar in the main lobby pavilion. These accents will be found in the area adjacent to the main stairs and on the terrace, adjacent to the pavilion.

Facts about the cedar being installed at the Carpenters Center (as previously posted)

  • The western red cedar has a custom tongue and groove shape, giving it a unique appearance and stronger interlocking connection than typical tongue and groove products.
  • The cedar is from 100 year old trees and has roughly 15 rings per inch, making it a long-lasting product with an expected lifetime of 50 years.
  • The cedar sealant is a water-soluble silicone based water-proofer that is less harsh on the environment than oil based products and emits no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Facts about the Exterior Posted by on

  • There is over 27,000 square feet of insulation and membrane on the building.
  • There are 866 metal panels total, and their typical dimensions are roughly 2?? x 15??.
  • The largest panel sits at the top corner of the sloped wall near the highway: in addition to the face of the panel, it spans 45 inches over the parapet.
  • Most corner panels need their own box truck to arrive on the site without incurring any damage.
  • The paint colors for Carpenters Center metal panels took months to refine to achieve the level of gloss and shine that we see on the building today.
  • Some vertical members of the entry pavilion curtain wall weigh upwards of 700 lbs each.
  • The largest pieces of glass weight over 200 lbs each.

Information provided by Sunrise Erectors.

The Exterior of the Carpenters Center Posted by on

From Suzanne O??Leary, Assistant Project Manager, Sunrise Erectors:
The Carpenters Center exterior is comprised of metal panel rainscreen, cedar tongue and groove rainscreen, curtain wall and storefront systems.

Alucobond panels are the primary material in the metal panel rainscreen, which we receive in the form of flat stock. The rainscreen acts as a second shell to the building, protecting the first layer from weathering and heavy moisture. Any moisture that does penetrate the rainscreen is allowed to dry out through various vents.

Sunrise Erectors fabricates each panel and piece of furring from flat material in their shop in Canton, MA before assembling and installing it. The panel colors were meticulously formulated and have a substantial amount of metallic fleck, adding to the range of each color as go past the building, similar to car paint.

Alucobond Panel Installation Posted by on

The installation of Alucobond panels is moving right along. The process includes varies steps. First, crews working for Sunrise Erectors screw galvanized light-gauge steel Z-clips through the ice and water shield (dark blue) that covers the building.

These clips are screwed in place every 16 inches, through the ice and water shield and into the metal stud of the exterior of the building. Between the Z-clips, 3-inch rigid Styrofoam insulation is put in place (light blue, above).

Across the face of the insulation the stand-off grid system is installed. These steel strips run vertically across the building. 90% of the stand-off grid work is complete.

The stips run vertically above and below the windows.

The Alucobond panels are clipped onto the stand-off steel grid.

At panel joints (where two panels meet) there is ½ inch spacing where you can see a reveal strip that is colored differently then the panels to give a shadow effect. On the second and third floors it is a dark bronze reveal and on the first floor it??s a gray reveal.

Panels are arriving on site every day from the fabrication shop, located in Canton, MA.

Sunrise Erectors also began installing cedar siding between windows on the West side of the building. Cedar accents were selected to help this side of the building conform to the look of the residential neighborhood. The cedar will be installed between windows on the third floor and in a section along the bottom of the windows on the second floor down to the Pavilion level.

Stainless Steel panels will run horizontally along the bottom of the building, wherever the building meets the ground or the lower level of the parking deck. Much like a back splash of a kitchen sink, this stainless steel will act as a back splash to handle things like salt, water and dirt that typically come in contact with this part of a building.

Alucobond Panel Installation Begins Posted by on

Crews working for Sunrise Erectors began installing the Alucobond Panels on the exterior of the Carpenters Center.

The following series of pictures was taken at the same time of day, driving Northbound along the building. Notice how the panels appear to change color. The reflection of the sunlight along with the viewing angle changes the appearance of the panels. This detail is part of the architectural design of the building.

Dens Glass Complete Posted by on

With the exception of a few pieces the Dens Glass work is completed on the entire building. Waterproofing membrane ?C seen below in blue ?C is virtually complete on the Eastside of the building as well as the South end area of the cantilever.

This self- adhering, rubberized material is completely water proof. In certain locations, such as around the windows, there is added adhesion, a contact cement, that is rolled on to the window sill and below, so that the membrane doesn??t blister.

A grid system of aluminium strips will be installed on the wall to hang the panels and to ensure that the reveal joints are aligned. Fastening clips, which are screwed through the Dens Glass will also be installed as part of the grid system.

The Alucabond panels are being fabricated at the Sunrise Erectors shop in Canton, MA by members of Carpenters Local 51. The panels arrive to the shop 5x10 sheets, which are cut to specifications and fastening clips are installed.

When the panels arrive at the Carpenters Center they will be installed using a process known as ??blind fastening.?? The panel clips are matched up with the clips that were installed into the aluminum grid system for fastening. This process requires that each panel be matched up to a specific location throughout the building. Carpenters installing the panels will read numbers on back of the panel so they know where each goes.