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Rebuilding a community, not just a building Posted by on

In early 2009, an electrical fire damaged a Worcester building that served as a home to the Stone Soup Community Resource group, a collection of volunteer organizations. With plenty of community support, but scarce funding, the group faced an uncertain future. Local 107's Dave Minasian was an active member of Stone Soup and was able to organize help from friends in the union and the New England Carpenters Training Center to join an effort to make the space usable again.

YouthBuild Boston served as the general contractor on the project. YouthBuild helps low-income young adults between the ages of 16-24 work towards their GEDs, while learning job skills through training and pre-apprenticeship programs. In need of skilled labor to partner with, Local 107 member volunteers and apprentices working under the direction of NECTC instructors stepped up and became an integral part of the rebuild process.

The green rebuild included fire repairs, energy retrofit weatherization work, electrical and heating system updates, and wheelchair accessibility improvements.

The Carpenters and Boston Cares Posted by on

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters and the New England Carpenters Training Fund teamed up with Boston Cares, the region’s largest volunteer mobilizer, to help them with their campaign to build 500 beds for children in need in 2014.

Instructors from the NECTF helped complete the design for the toddler beds so that they can be easily assembled by volunteers with minimal training. In advance of each volunteer day, member apprentices mill the lumber and prep all of the stock. Corporate and individual volunteers then assemble the beds at various locations, including the Carpenters Center and New England Carpenters Training Center. 

According to the Mass. Coalition for the Homeless, more than 1,500 Greater Boston school children do not have a bed, which affects their self-esteem, ability to learn, and likelihood of graduating from high school. Boston Cares works with social workers at several non-profit partners to find homes for each bed.

Volunteers assemble beds at the New England Carpenter Training Center. 

One Day in Boston - the Bed Project Posted by on

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters particapted in the One Day on Earth project on April 26th to film stories about the future of Boston.

On April 26, 2014, the NERCC and Boston Cares teamed up to work toward a goal of making 500 beds. At the Carpenters Training center in Dorchester, volunteers from both organizations came together to build 30 beds in about 2 hours. 

NERCC teamed up with Boston Cares earlier in the year to help with the Bed Project, see pictures from these additional volunteer efforts by clicking here


The Carpenters and Boston Cares | Bed Project from ellen webber on Vimeo.

One Day on Earth started in September of 2008 with the goal of creating a unique worldwide media event where thousands of participants would simultaneously film over a 24-hour period. On April 26th, 2014 hundreds of filmmakers, non-profit organizations, and inspired citizens documented stories and investigated 10 questions for the future of Boston as part of a city-wide, participatory media-creation event. The resulting media will be showcased in an interactive geo-tagged archive and a TV series on the future of the American city. In addition, local media partners will showcase the most powerful and inspiring videos created during the one-day filmmaking event.

Response to Globe column on housing Posted by on

Mark Erlich, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters, issued the following in response to Shirley Leung's June 4 Boston Globe column about middle class housing development in the city.

"Shirley Leung’s June 4 column on the “deafening whisper campaign” that attributes the high cost of building middle class housing to overpaid union construction workers is a shallow and misguided analysis. Yes, there is a housing crisis and all hands need to be on deck to achieve the City’s goal of 20-30,000 new units. But labor makes up less than 25% of total housing production costs and is rising far more slowly than land, fees, and other soft costs.

"The reality on the ground is that hundreds of non-luxury units are under construction in East Boston, Allston-Brighton, and Jamaica Plain – all with union labor. Further, our members have built most of the non-profit development community’s affordable housing in Boston’s neighborhoods.

"Sadly, Leung has listened to a handful of whisperers comfortably located in up-market offices and condos who seek to eliminate the job opportunities of the very men and women who are the middle class Bostonians that the City’s housing policy is designed to accommodate."

Carpenters support event for low wage workers Posted by on

In the last year, fast food workers across the country have been building a campaign to raise wages in their industry. The campaign has given energy to efforts to raise the minimum wage nationally and in states and communities across America. But the fast food industry isn't the only one where massive profits are generated and an unreasonable gulf exists between the compensation given to employees in corporate offices and those on the front lines.

From health care to hospitality and construction to customer service, too many workers are being paid too little for working so hard. In Massachusetts, an upcoming event aims to elevate their cause.

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters is joining individuals in Boston and Springfield on June 12 to support low wage workers. Hosted by Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, the Low Wage Worker Day of Action will bring information and focus attention on people who work hard and still struggle to support themselves and their families. More than that, it will encourage workers to begin standing together and acting together in a way that will make a difference.

The event matches the efforts of the Carpenters union who monitor nonunion construction sites and build relationships with nonunion carpenters. All too often, nonunion carpenters are not provided the wages and benefits they deserve, given the level of skill required and risk present on today's construction sites.

In Boston, the event will be held at Copley Square, in Springfield it will be at the Mount Calvary Church at John Street and Plainfield Street (Rt 20A). Both events will take place from 4-6 pm. Union carpenters, friends and families are invited and encouraged to participate.

Rego honored at State House Posted by on

Congratulations to Local 1305 Representative Dan Rego for being honored with the Portuguese Heritage Award! Rego was given the award at a ceremony at the State House in Boston by the Portuguese American Legislative Caucus.

In addition to being a full-time Council Representative and active member of the community, Dan is a City Councilor in Fall River, where he lives with his family.

Members lend skills and time to help build 'Techstyle Haus' for global energy-efficiency competition Posted by on

Members from Carpenters Local 94 recently volunteered to help students from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Brown University prepare for the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe. The international competition, showcasing the latest in energy-efficient design and construction, will take place this year in Versailles, France.Members helped the team of students construct their entry, named Techstyle Haus, a one-of-a-kind passive home design with an enclosure made entirely of textiles.

“It’s a self-sustained passive solar home for competition and structure will assembled and dismantled multiple times, so they have to learn how to combine steps,” notes Local 94 member Ted Lafond. “Our members were here trying to help them reason through and understand the assembly process.”

The international Solar Decathlon competition challenges students to build energy-efficient and innovative solar-powered homes. Students from the two schools teamed up with a group from the University of Applied Scinces Erfut in Germany to design the 800-square foot house, which is made of a Teflon-coated woven fiberglass, commonly used in sports domes. NERCC signatory contractor Shawmut Design and Construction is a sponsor of the project.

“In the field, when we’re going to put up walls we lay everything out, snap lines and get everything set. Everything is laser sharp, plumb sharp,” notes Local 94 member Frank Taraborelli. “The students installed the first panel down and said ‘well this looks like the way it goes’ and anchored it, they soon ran into problems. We stepped in and taught them how to lay it out.”

“We didn’t really have a strong idea of the right way to put the core together to make sure it was plumb and square,” notes RISD graduate student and TechStyle Haus project manager Sina Almassi. “We were just kind of in over our heads. They got us squared up. Having them help us is really going to make a big difference.”

The team of volunteers from Local 94 was instrumental in helping the students lay out and install the interior of the structure, which includes a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area and loft. It was quite fun working with these students,” said Taraborelli. “They really learned something here.”

Hats off to the team of volunteers from Local 94: Ted Lafond, Frank Taraborelli, Kevin Hart, Ryan Del Toro, Gary Roy and Carl Noelte.

Mayor Walsh attends 'Lemonade Day' workshop at Carpenters Center Posted by on

Lemonade Day is a national event designed to empower young entrepreneurs using a classic kid-business venture – the lemonade stand. On Lemonade Day, mentors teach basic business skills while helping kids start and run their own lemonade stands.

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters played an important role in Lemonade Day Boston, which will take place on May 3rd, by hosting a Build-a-Stand workshop at the Carpenters Center.

In preparation of the workshop, first-year apprentices at the Carpenters Center built lemonade stands from materials donated by NERCC signatory Gilbane, Inc. During a workshop held at the Carpenters Center, young volunteers from local elementary schools and YMCA programs worked alongside apprentices to assemble and paint the stands. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh stopped by to visit the workshop.

"The Carpenters Union has always been active in the community,” said Mayor Walsh. “They do so much work like this and they do it quietly. These young people get to see the apprentices working teaching them some skills. It is incredible. This is great for the Carpenters Union to do something like this.”

Launched in Houston in 2007, the event has spread to 36 cities in the US and Canada. An estimated 3,300 schoolchildren will participate in Lemonade Day Boston by planning, building and running lemonade stands throughout the city.


Apprentices prepare for Lemonade Day Posted by on

First-year apprentices at the Carpenters Center built lemonade stands this week in preparation for a visit from Lemonade Day Boston volunteers next week. Lemonade Day is a national event designed to empower young entrepreneurs. The New England Regional Council of Carpenters will play an important role in Lemonade Day Boston by hosting a Build-a-Stand workshop at the Carpenters Center. Young volunteers will get assistance from union carpenters in designing and building their lemonade stands for the May 3 event.



The event is scheduled to take place on April 23. Among the atendees for the Build-a-Stand workshop will be Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

The Carpenters Center is the headquarters of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters and the New England Carpenters Apprenticship and Training Fund. In addition to the administrative staff fo the reigonal governing body of the United Brotherohood of Carpenters and a handful of affiliated local unions, it includes extensive classroom, meeting and shop training space. It also houses the union's vision center and a private primary care health practice specially tailored for union members, called Carpenters Care.

A project to be proud of Posted by on

Union carpenters are playing a part in healing communities in Connecticut. Members of Local 43 are working with union contractors C & R Concrete and Giordano Construction on a playground in Hartford, which kicked off this weekend. It is being done in conjunction with the Sandy Ground Project, which will build 26 playgrounds, one for each of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.

The playground is being built in memory of Ana Grace Marquez-Greene at Elizabeth Park. Ana's parents grew up and started their family in the area. The New Haven Register published a nice piece on the effort.

Work is expected to be completed in time for an April 4 groundbreaking, which was Ana's birthday.

NECTC teams up with Boston Cares Posted by on

Apprentices from the New England Carpenters Training Center are working today at the Carpenters Center with volunteers from Boston Cares to construct thirty beds as part of the Boston Cares Bed Project, which has committed to building 500 beds in 2014 for children in need.

Ahead of the volunteer day, apprentices prepped the stock for the beds: cutting head boards, bed slats and rails. Apprentices are now helping the Boston Cares staff lead volunteer work crew comprised of students who are all Gates Millennium Scholars participating in a week-long alternative spring break program.

“The whole concept of this building, from the very beginning, was that not only would it be a training center for the Carpenters union, but it would be a convenient place for the community and all the organizations that we have relationships with to use,” said Mark Erlich, NERCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

“We have benefitted from the economy and job possibilities in the City and it’s only right that we give back. This is one of many examples of our efforts to do that.”

Members participate in St. Patrick's Day parade Posted by on

Members from Carpenters Local 107 participated this past Sunday in the 32nd Annual Worcester County St. Patrick's Day parade. Parade organizers estimate that about 7,000 people participated in the nearly two-hour parade that marched down Park Avenue from Mill Street to past Elm Park.

For more pictures, visit Local 107's Facebook page by clicking here

Meet Our Community - Brian and Dustin Posted by on

Brian Braasch and Dustin Johnson, members of Carpenters Local 1996 talk about being union carpenters.

Meet Our Community - Rich Brow Posted by on

 It’s not often you have to bring your passport for a volunteer project with the Carpenters union. But as Local 107 member Rich Brow can tell you, it’s not never, either. Read more of his story here

One last job for the Mayor Posted by on

On the eve of his last First Night as mayor, Tom Menino called on help from his friends at the Carpenters union one last time and union carpenters gladly stepped up. Menino was set to participate in the First Night parade and the honor of building his float fell to Lyle Hamm, Paul Gangemi and Jim Barr.

The three donated their time to turn a trailer bed into a replica of one of Boston's famed Public Garden "Swan Boats." They attached one of the swans and park benches to the decking, then built safety railings along the side, with a contoured shape that matched the pontoons on the actual swan boats.

Globe features Erlich piece Posted by on

The Boston Globe today published an opinion piece by Mark Erlich, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.

As inequality grows, 'union candidate' offers attractive vision
Boston Mayor-elect Marty Walsh was labeled as the union candidate early in the race. Columnists and debate moderators manufactured a perspective that Walsh’s labor affiliation was his candidacy’s albatross. Walsh does have a strong personal and family union background and recently served as the head of Boston’s building trades unions. But he had also been a state representative for 16 years with a legislative record on a full array of public policy issues.



Walsh unites Boston, elected Mayor Posted by on

Buoyed by the support of a broad coalition that included union workers, minority communities, small business owners and middle class residents, State Representative Martin J. Walsh was elected Mayor of Boston last night, defeating City Councillor John Connolly. Walsh will succeed the enormously popular Thomas Menino, who is the city's longest serving mayor.

The following statement is from Mark Erlich, Secretary-Treasurer of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters, which endorsed Walsh in both the primary and general election. Erlich is also a Boston resident.

"Last night, Marty Walsh was elected to serve as the next Mayor of Boston. Marty's victory has implications far beyond the city's borders. Boston is, in many ways, the primary economic engine of New England and the leadership at City Hall sets the tone for the regional development and construction industry. For the past 20 years, Mayor Tom Menino has been a staunch ally of construction's union sector and his stance has helped our members find gainful employment in Boston and beyond.

"Marty's election will only serve to further elevate the profile of unions in our region. As a building trades leader who spoke proudly of his involvement in the labor movement, his victory flies in the face of the prevailing political winds that dismiss or attack the value of unions in today's society. Marty had to withstand withering attacks in the Boston media that claimed he would bankrupt the city by not being able to stand up to the city's public employee unions. Marty never backed down from his loyalty to organized labor as the best vehicle to re-build the middle class in the city.

"This election has national implications. While there have been a few Senators and Congressmen that have been clear about their pro-union beliefs, it is far more rare to find someone running for an executive position -- Mayor or Governor -- who doesn't feel the need to criticize unions in an effort to show they are "fiscally responsible". Marty made it clear that you can be committed to running a sound budget in a major American city and still maintain respect for trade unions.

"Marty was also able to win the support of nearly all of the elected officials from the city's minority community, demonstrating that today's labor movement is welcoming, diverse, and inclusive.

Marty is a personal friend of ours, a friend of the Carpenters, a friend of labor, and a friend of all those people who want to work, play by the rules, and have a chance at the American Dream.

Thanks to everyone who worked to get Marty Walsh elected. It can be the beginning of a new era for labor and politics."

Carpenters on election day Posted by on

Boston voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to elect a new Mayor and City Council. Many of these race extremely close, so we urge you to vote and encourage others to vote. If possible, be active on election day in support of candidates endorsed by the Carpenters union.

Members will gather for election day activity at 11 am at a location nearest their home. Locations are listed below.

Dorchester--McKeon Post
East Boston--973 Saratoga Street
East Boston--18 Meridian St
Hyde Park--214 Neponset Valley Parkway
Jamaica Plain 668 Centre Street
Mattapan--Russell Auditorium
South Boston--Ironworkers Local 7
West Roxbury--46 Rockland St, West Roxbury
Fields Corner--1157 Dorchester Ave
Roxbury--155 DudleySt
West Dorchester--Russell Auditorium
CoC/4 Corners--Russell Auditorium
Charlestown--Teamsters Local 25
Back Bay/Beacon Hill/South End--11 Beacon St
JP/Hyde Square--315 Centre St


Mayor Menino and HUD Secretary Donovan celebrate revitalization project Posted by on

An event was held yesterday to celebrate the start of a major revitalization project happening in Dorchester’s Quincy Corridor. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino joined U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan to celebrate the project, which is funded by a first-in-the-nation Choice Neighborhood Initiative grant.

Members stand with Boston Mayor Tom Menino and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan at an event held at the Quincy Street Corridor Redevelopment Project.

Project Developer Dorchester Bay EDC and the City of Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development received $20.5 million through HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiatives grant program. Boston was one of five cities nationwide to receive the first-ever Implementation Grants.

At the start of the event, Jeanne Dubois from Dorchester Bay EDC raises her arms to celebrate the work being done by union carpenters on the project. 

The project will include redevelopment of the distressed Woodledge/Morrant Bay HUD-assisted housing development, community improvements such as community facilities, parks, gardens, economic development, job creation and asset building, and supportive services for residents of Quincy Heights and the surrounding Quincy Street corridor.


Wage equality, training the focus of NH forums Posted by on

People in New Hampshire are learning more about unions and the wage and training opportunities they offer thanks to panel discussions being held, which elected officials and Carpenters Local 118 Business Manager Elizabeth Skidmore.

The forums focus primarily on the wage gap between men and women and are being sponsored by the NH AFL-CIO and New Hampshire Citizens Alliance, which is 23 cents and hour in New Hampshire and 18 cents nationally. While women are still under-represented in construction, Skidmore points out that wage equality is not an issue in the union sector.

“In union construction, women make exactly the same as men,” Skidmore said at one of the forums. “Starting 35 years ago, when women started getting into construction. Every hour we work, every dollar we get paid, we get paid exactly the same.”

In addition to collective bargaining agreements ensuring equal pay, unions also offer apprentice and journey level upgrade classes, which allow for entrance and advancement in the industry. Each of the forums, held in Manchester and Portsmouth, received prominent media coverage, including quotes from Skidmore.

Meet Our Community - Eamonn Murphy Posted by on

Brother Eamonn Murphy left Ireland to seek a career in Boston in the summer of 1998. In February of the following year, he joined Carpenters Local 33 as first year apprentice. From the onset, Brother Murphy showed a thirst for knowledge and has fully embraced the opportunities available to all members of the Carpenters Union. He now works as an Estimator and teaches other union carpenters as an instructor at Wentworth Institute of Technology’s College of Professional and Continuing Education. Read more of his story here


A Safe Home for Sydni Posted by on

Volunteers from the Carpenters Union were part of a very special project in South Boston, transforming the home of Sydni Pecevich into a space where she can learn and grow.

Sydni was diagnosed with a grapefruit-sized malignant brain tumor when she was just two months old. She had nine months of chemotherapy and eighteen surgeries in her first two years of life. She is now eight years old, and although cancer-free, she was left with disabilities that require 24-hour supervision.

As Sydni got older it became apparent that the tight quarters of her family’s home were not sufficient to accommodate all of her needs. The Carpenters Union, along with other Building Trades volunteers, stepped up in a big way to help her family turn her home into a space for her and her siblings to grow.

Ride with an Angel - 1st Annual Run Posted by on

The Ledwell family, many of whom are Local 56 members, has organized a motorcycle run in memory of Caitlin Ledwell. All proceeds from the event will go to a scholarship in her honor.

Saturday, June 29, 2013 
Motorcycles | Hot Rods | Antique Cars

Run Starts: A Dancer’s World, 150 Industrial Drive, Halifax, MA  See Map
Run Ends: Upland Club, 67 Upland Road, Plympton, MA See Map

Registration will be held from 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM
$20/rider and $15/passenger (includes t-shirt and cookout)
$15 at the door
Kick stands up at 11:00 AM

A benefit will be held after the run beginning at 1:00 PM at the Upland Club.
*Live entertainment
*Silent auction
*And much more!

All proceeds from the day’s events will go to the Caitlin Elizabeth Ledwell Memorial Scholarship Foundation. For more information click here.

More play, thanks to union carpenters Posted by on

A group of union carpenters from Local 275 in Newton recently got together to help out another local playground. The members built a new perimeter consisting of four side walls at the Franklin Playground as a UPP event in coordination with "Newton Serves."

Pictured are members that came out to lend a hand. Back row, left to right: Kevin Kelley, Matt Matheney, Desmond Trainor and Keith Farley. Middle Row, left to right: John McClintock, Rick Scales, Eric MacKinley, John Burrows, Steve Donnelly and Robert Tedeschi.Front row; William Newton.

Meet Our Community - John Costello Posted by on

Local 624 Brother John Costello helped organize the Hardhats for Hunger food drive on a jobsite in Bridgewater, MA. Read more about his story here

Our Work - Dudley Square Ferdinand Building Posted by on

An exciting project for one of Boston's neighborhoods and some of the carpenters who live there.

Erlich leads discussion on "The Disappearing Middle Class" Posted by on

NERCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Mark Erlich was recently invited to speak at Brooksby Village, a senior living community in Peabody, MA. Erlich was invited to speak to the Brooksby Village Current Events Discussion Group by Phil Mamber, a retired union leader from IUE 201 at the Lynn GE plant. Erlich gave a PowerPoint presentation titled: The Disappearing American Middle Class: Economic Inequality and Labor. Seventy-five residents attended the event, which was very well received. Check out a PDF of the presentation by clicking here.

Meet Our Community - C.A.P.T.S. Posted by on

Local 26 Brother Mark Brings and his family started C.A.P.T.S. (Calling All Patriots Troop Support)
in an effort to support military service members deployed overseas. Check out his story here: 

 To see more stories like this, visit the Meet Our Community page. 

Ice Fishing Derby Posted by on

The 5th Annual New England Carpenters Ice Fishing Derby will be held Sunday, February 17 from 7am-2pm at Singletary Lake in Millbury, Massachusetts.

Organizer Joe Broderick will be set up at 5am at the lake, which can be accessed by West Main Street in Millbury. Look for a banner with the carpenters emblem by the boat ramp. There is a $20 fee to enter. Twenty-five percent of proceeds will be donated to the Valley Tech Educational Fund

Power augers will not be allowed before 7am and no tickets will be sold after 9am. Awards and a shore drawing will be held at the boat ramp at 2pm. Prizes will be awarded to the heaviest fish of any species, with 40% of proceeds going to the winner, 25% to 2nd place and 10% to 3rd place. Ties will be broken by fish length. All fish must be brought in alive.

For questions, please call Joe Broderick of Local 535 at 781-983-1383.

Meet Our Community - Kevin Smith Posted by on

The following video story about Local 210 Brother Kevin Smith was recently posted in the Meet Our Community section of To see more stories like this, visit the Meet Our Community page. 



Leavitt goes on air for a good cause Posted by on

John Leavitt, the Business Agent for Local 1996 in Portland hit the airwaves this week to promote the union and help a disk jockey fill time as he stays on the air for four consecutive days. The Mark-a-thon is an annual event held by WCYY's Mark Curdo to raise money for the Center for Grieving Children. CYY is one of the radio stations on which NERCC and the New England Carpenters Labor Management Program place ads to promote the union and industry standards. They also carry radio broadcasts of New England Patriots games, on which the union advertises. Leavitt was on air with Mark on Tuesday afternoon at 3pm.

Community Partner: RI Family Shelter Posted by on


Members in Rhode Island have been helping families faced with one of the harshest realities of a volatile economy, homelessness. For many years, members of Carpenters Local 94 have been raising funds for the Rhode Island Family Shelter, located in Warwick.

Carpenters Local 94 holds an annual Dollars for Food Drive to raise money for the shelter.In addition to the monetary donations, carpenters have volunteered time and labor on site to help with various projects throughout the facility. These projects include a complete renovation of the basement, creating meeting space and a large playroom.

Learn more here


Community Rebuilding - Worcester Posted by on

Three years after a devastating fire forced the Stone Soup community center to close its doors, the rebuilding process has begun. On July 25th, the group held a groundbreaking ceremony at the site located at 4 King Street in Worcester, MA.

As reported in Worcester Mag, “Stone Soup’s organizers wanted the center’s values reflected in their rebuilding.” The organization wanted to find firms that “were community oriented, had policies that had them hiring a diverse group of workers and subcontractors and offered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship training.”

This was especially timely given the recent vote by Worcester City Council to move forward with a newly proposed Responsible Employer Ordinance for public construction.

“Stone Soup's main goal for the [groundbreaking] event was to thank all the partners for helping the community center rebuild by generating press about the value of apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs, the importance of the Worcester REO and the success of community-labor partnerships,” notes David Minasian, Local 107 member/NECLMP Researcher, and Founding Member of Stone Soup.

Stone Soup selected YouthBuild as the general contractor on the project. YouthBuild helps low-income young adults between the ages of 16-24 work towards their GEDs, while learning job skills through training and pre-apprenticeship programs. Before the fire, the community center housed various youth groups; the organization is pleased to present the opportunity to rebuild the facility to youth in the area, through the partnership with YouthBuild.

Carpenters Local 107 and the New England Carpenters Training Center (NECTC) are also an integral part of the efforts to help rebuild this community space. Apprentices from the NECTC are scheduled to start training on site in the coming weeks.

“It’s a great partnership between the Carpenters, UBC Job Corps, and YouthBuild Boston and YouthBuild Worcester,” said Minasian.

The groundbreaking event generated press in the Worcester area and was covered in the Worcester Mag, Go Local Worcester, and on the front page of the Telegram and Gazette. The project was also part of a broadcast on local television WCCA TV's Beacon Hill Chat with Senator Harriette Chandler.

Stone Soup is a non-profit organization that serves as a community resource center for various community-based groups in the city of Worcester. Learn more about the organization on their website.

Day of Family Fun Posted by on

Run & Ride at CambridgeSide Galleria
100 Cambrigeside Place
Cambridge, MA
Sunday, July 29th

Come out for a fun family day!

NERCC members and their families are invited to join in Free Family Fun at the CambridgeSide Galleria. 

The day officially begins at 8:30 AM with registration for the kids-only duathlon with biking and running in and around Cambridgeside Galleria. Registration starts at 8:30 AM and the event begins at 10 AM. While the racing competition is in the morning, the Mall and surrounding parks will have activities throughout the afternoon.

Event staff will be collecting new, unused school supply items for donation to the East End House the day of the event.

You can register online or onsite the morning of the event. For more information, check out this flyer  or visit

Community Partner: The United Way Posted by on

Volunteer carpenters were an integral part of a United Way project in Framingham, MA, transforming the former Framingham RMV Building into the new United Way Pearl Street Cupboard and Café. The facility is capable of serving more than 1,000 customers a month.

Learn more about the project, including a video profile piece, by clicking here.



SIB lends a hand to RTB Posted by on

Congratulations on a job well done to eight union carpenters who pitched in a lot of time and effort to help the Rebuilding Together Boston Program on their National Rebuilding Day. The women members, who participated through the Sisters in the Brotherhood program, worked on three sites in the city, adding experienced, skilled hands to the effort.

Rebuilding Together Boston works on an annual basis to repair and renovate the homes of economically disadvantaged homeowners (including the elderly, veterans, families with children, single parent households, the physically challenged and others in need) as well as non-profit-owned facilities (community centers, schools, worship centers, etc.) in the City of Boston. RTB provides its services at no cost to recipients due to the generous support of foundations, corporations, individuals and vendors.

This year's projects on National Rebuilding Day included: six homes in Mattapan, Dorchester and Roxbury; Pine Street Inn Veterans’ housing, a residence for formerly homeless women, and the Nazareth Residence for Mothers and Children.

Members involved in the effort included: Joan Bennett, Local 33; Theresa Haymon, Local 33; Maureen Owen-Ewings, Local 67; Marcia Williams-White, Local 33; Karen Blandino, Local 67; Judy Sullivan, Local 67; Mikey Myles, Local 67 and Liz Skidmore, Local 118.



Meet Our Community - Theresa Haymon Posted by on

The following video story about Local 33 Sister Theresa Haymon was recently posted in the Meet Our Community section of Take a look to see more stories on the "Meet Our Community" page.


The Union connection in Haiti Posted by on

For over a year, union carpenters and other trades workers in New England have been lending their time and valuable skills to assist in the construction of a hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. After the devastating earthquake, the hospital is a source of hope in many ways. NERCC's Mark Erlich recently visited Haiti and wrote a piece for CommonWealth magazine about this amazing project.

Click here to see pictures taken by Mark Erlich during his trip.

Ice Fishing Derby Scheduled Posted by on

The Fifth Annual "Great 2012 New England Carpenters Ice Fishing Derby" has been scheduled for Sunday, February 12 at the Norton, Mass reservoir on Route 140. Organizers will be set up for registration with a NERCC banner by 5am. Power augers will not be allowed before 7 am, with awards and a shore drawing behind held at 2:10. Prizes will be awarded for the three heaviest fish of any species brought in alive. Registration is $20.

Part of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the Blackstone Valley Technical School Educational Fund.

For more information, contact Joe Broderick of Carpenters Local 535.

Local carpenters save young boy's life Posted by on

A group of carpenters at a jobsite in Jamaica Plain saved a young boy??s life and came to the aid of his mother who was struck by a car trying to protect him.

The incident happened last Friday in front of the carpenters?? jobsite at 365 Center Street. The group witnessed a young boy walking down with the street with his mother. Suddenly, the boy darted out in to the busy street. As the boy ran off it appeared he was unable to hear the yells from his mother warning him of the danger he was in.

Carpenters Almarie ??Annie?? Condry (LU 67), Michelle ??Mikey?? Myles (LU 67) and Joan Bennett (LU 33) saw the incident unfold and ran out to the street, scooping the boy up and out of harm??s way while stopping traffic. Unfortunately, in a panic, the boy??s mother ran in to the street and was struck by a car. Condry, a former medic in the US Army, lay on the ground next to the woman. Condry immobilized the mother while reassuring her that her child was not hurt and that she would also be ok.

The other carpenters called 911 and comforted the young boy while they waited for help. Paramedics leaving the scene told the group that the woman appeared to have only suffered minor injuries.

Union contractor makes valuable donation Posted by on

Jay Cashman, Inc. has been a union contractor for many, many years. The business--based in Quincy, Massachusetts and with offices in Boston, New York and Florida--does heavy civil and marine construction throughout the United States. Jay Cashman also acts as a developer and generous member of the business community and has been a sponsor of the "Carpenters Cure Fore Ovarian Cancer Classic."

His latest act of philanthropy was to donate more than 27 acres of company-owned land in Stoughton to a YMCA which it surrounds.

Union Carpenters praised in Maine Posted by on

Union Carpenters were given a public pat on the back last week for work they're doing with area residents to winterize their homes. A woman who was the recipient of the good will effort wrote to the Portland Press Herald to give an enthusiastic thanks.

Activity south of Boston Posted by on

Local 424 Business Agent Rick Braccia checked in with some goings-on in his area...

--StreetWorks, the Master Developer of Downtown Quincy is presenting their proposal to the City Council on Monday night at City Hall at 7:00 P.M.
The plan was presented to the Building Trades last week. Although the project isn't a solution to our immediate needs for jobs, the potential for development in Quincy is unbelievable.

--There is a public hearing on Thursday night (March 5) at the former Watson Library in Braintree. This is a joint hearing by Braintree and Weymouth officials to explore infrastructure improvement as a means of attracting business development to Weymouth Landing.

--Last Tuesday night, there was a meeting of the Braintree Town Council Ordinance Committee at which NERCC Director of Organizing Brian Richardson, Local 33 President John Murphy, and Rick Braccia testified in support of a responsible employer ordinance (REO). The town currently has an REO Policy, but this is merely a recommendation to contractors doing public work in the town. If Braintree adopts this as an ordinance, it give legitimate contractors a more level playing field. The response of the committee was overwhelmingly positive. The REO is being proposed by Councilor Tom Bowes.

--The next VOC meeting is on March 11. On the same night, we are asking Quincy residents to attend the Planning Board meeting at City Hall at 7:00 P.M. The Planning Board is going to reject an application by anti-union, developer Michael Corcoran, and it would be beneficial to have some applause in the audience. A few years back, Corcoran was the developer of the Cliffwalk Apartments on Willard St that we held rallies and a six month picket line on. That was the job with Plumbhouse as a GC. In case nobody recalls, Plumbhouse is the guy who has his trucks lettered "Merit Shop Builds Best."

Labor-church alliance Posted by on

Sam Ellis, of the Boston Globe, wrote a piece yesterday on what could be the year of labor. He give significant play to the growing alliances between unions and churches.

Union carpenter apprentices in the community Posted by on

Union apprentices have been helping the South Boston Neighborhood House build out new space.

What's next? Posted by on

The NERCC presence in cyberspace is growing. It's been many years since we created a website. About two years ago we started sending Council Updates to staff, delegates and local union officers by email. Since July, we've been playing with this Blog thing. We haven't really let anyone know it's here yet, but maybe soon.

The latest front in the effort to reach out to members, prospective members and the general public. I've generated a Facebook profile for myself and started a Facebook "group" for the New England Regional Council of Carpenters. They both link back to our will have more content and news as we go.

Check it out. Generate a profile, then search for and join the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.

--Bert Durand

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Carpenters Offer HOPe to Families in Need Posted by on

In Spring 2008, carpenters working for Auburn Construction broke ground at a special project on two acres of donated land located on the campus of Stonehill College in Easton, MA. The House of Possibilities (HOPe) began as the dream of Paula Kavolius, the mother of three sons. Her youngest son, Timmy, has FG syndrome, a rare congenital disorder with multiple symptoms, including mental retardation.
Kavolius quickly learned that caring for Timmy was a full-time job, one which left her with little time for the "normal" day to day activities of a family. She dreamed of a safe place where she could leave her son Timmy for a few hours to run errands or just spend time with her other children and husband.

Kavalius' dream turned into the grassroots group that is building the Yawkey House of Possibilities in Easton. The building will be a respite home for children with physical and cognitive disabilities and life threatening illnesses.

Auburn Construction is the General Contractor on site. Very early on in the process the company reached out to Local 624 and asked about collaborating on the community effort. The project has brought together both commercial and wood frame Locals as well as apprentices from the New England Carpenters Training Center in Millbury, MA.