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Carpenters Care is accepting new patients Posted by on

Attention Eastern MA carpenters: Carpenters Care is accepting new patients!

The New England Carpenters Benefit Funds & Iora Health have partnered to offer new primary care doctor's office for members and other adults covered by the Health Fund. The doctor's office convenient after-work hours and has locations in Burlington, MA & Dorchester, MA. Carpenters Care patients, have no co-pays and enjoy free access to fitness & other group classes. Fund participants can join at any time with no commitment and no changes to their benefits. Joining is completely free and voluntary.

Learn more about the Carpenters Care team by clicking here


RI: Deepwater Wind Talks Suspended - Negotiations on Hold Posted by on

The Narragansett Town Council voted to suspend negotiations with Deepwater Wind, the developer of the renewable offshore wind project proposed for Block Island Sound.

Thomas Savoie, representing Local 94,of the New England Carpenter’s Union asked the council to avoid a delay in negotiations due to the potential for the creation of quality jobs.

”I believe that Deepwater has made a commitment to Rhode Island to bring jobs here. If they can be successful with their leases and get these projects up and running, they have potential to do more up and down the East Coast. They have the potential to move the industry forward and bring more jobs to Davisville and Quonset,” said Savoie. “We need jobs here. There are many skilled people here in Rhode Island who do not have good paying jobs. These are good paying jobs. They are long-term jobs and we could be on the forefront of building a new industry in Rhode Island.”

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