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Carpenters Center, IBEW honoring Labor Day Posted by on

Commuters passing the Carpenters Center this week will see a series of reminders about the real meaning behind the upcoming Labor Day holiday. The Carpenters Center media wall will feature images of working people from various industries and a message to celebrate Labor Day by "Honoring Workers" and depicting the people who are "Working for our future."

Starting on Monday, a series of images will rotate on the media wall, each featuring a different profession. Images will change each day throughout the week, with all of the images rotating on Labor Day. Matching images will run on the sign at IBEW Local 103, only a short distance south of the Carpenters Center along Route 93. The coordinated campaign was developed in conjunction with other unions and the Greater Boston Labor Council.

Images on the sign will also be posted on starting Monday.

Stand Up, Fight Back! Posted by on

A very powerful piece shown at this month's national convention of the United Steelworkers.

Fall training classes posted Posted by on

The New England Carpenters Union Apprenticeship & Training Funds have announced the Fall Semester 2011 Training Schedule. Class listings have been posted on the training website at Members can easily log in to register for classes using only their member U number (on their union card) and the day, month, and year (e.g. 01 02 1960) of their birthday.

Sign up now to sharpen your skills or develop new ones that will expand your work opportunities. Adn sign up online to ensure your place in upcoming classes.

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Union carpenters earn Wentworth degrees Posted by on

Ten members of NERCC-affiliated Local Unions were among the honorees at graduation ceremonies held at the Wentworth Institute of Technology this past weekend. The members received their Associates Degree in Building Construction Management through a program developed and specially tailored for union carpenters a few years ago.

The union carpenter graduates were: Nathan James Aldrich (Local 33), Bryan K. Bartlett (Local 218), George F. Daou (Local 107), Edward Farrell (Local 67), Katie Jenkins (Local 33),Daniel Kuja (Local 33), William John Lynch (Local 67), Michael Morton (Local 40), Evan Payne (Local 33), James Michael Souther Jr. (Local 40). Brothers Aldrich, Lynch and Souther graduated "cum laude," an honor bestowed on those graduating with a grade point average between 3.5 and 3.74 on the 4.0 scale. has articles and videos on the program for those interested in learning more.

Congratulations new signatory contractors Posted by on

Three contractors have recently signed collective bargaining agreements with the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.

KAN Contracting of Enfield, New Hampshire bids windows and translucent panel work in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with a value of $1,000-500,000.

Joseph Cohn and Son is based in North Haven, Connecticut and bids flooring and tile work throughout New England.

Tri-State Construction is a drywall and metal stud subcontractor based in Manchester, New Hampshire that bids work in New Hampshire and Massachusetts valued from $1,000-250,000.

For information about using these or any high quality union carpentry contractors, contact the Contractor Relations Department at the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.

The Contractor Relations Department can help you build the right team for your building project. We identify general contractors and subcontractors that are qualified, competent and available for the scope of work and in the area where they're needed.

Welcome to the Carpenters Center, Local 2168! Posted by on

Floorcoverers/Carpenters Local 2168 has moved its office space from Adams Street in Dorchester to the Carpenters Center.

The Floorcoverers?? new office is located on the third floor of the Carpenters Center, along with offices for the New England Regional Council of Carpenters, the New England Carpenters Labor Management Program, Shop and Millmen Local 51, Piledrivers Local 56 and Carpenters Local 723.

Please note, while the mailing address for Local 2168 has changed, their phone and fax numbers remain the same:

Floorcoverers/Carpenters Local 2168
750 Dorchester Ave., Suite 3033
Boston, MA 02125
Phone: 617-825-6141
Fax: 617-282-5047

OSHA Certification Updates you should know about Posted by on

? OSHA no longer issues replacement cards for training that occurred more than three (3) years ago. Also there is a
$25.00 fee for replacing lost/misplaced OSHA cards.
? Some governmental jurisdictions are now requiring that workers renew their OSHA training every four (4) years in
order to work in that jurisdiction (e.g. State of Connecticut).
? OSHA 30 Certification is required for foremen and stewards performing work under the Boston and Eastern Area of
Massachusetts CBA. It is also a graduation requirement for apprentices in the Massachusetts and Boston
Apprenticeship programs.
? OSHA 10 Certification is required for apprentices and journeymen performing work under the Boston and Eastern Area
of Massachusetts CBA.
? OSHA 10 Certification is required by Massachusetts General Law for all who work on public construction sites.
? OSHA 10 is a stand-alone course and cannot be applied to OSHA 30 Certification.

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Members organizing motorcycle ride Posted by on

A group of union carpenters are organizing a motorcycle ride to benefit lung cancer research. The "New England Carpenters Ride For Research" will take place October 2, rain or shine.

Registration will take place from 9-11am at Slaters in Bolton, Massachusetts. The ride will start promptly at 11:30. The cost is only $15 for riders and $10 for passengers.

For more information email necarpentersmcride at gmail dot com or contact the American Lung Association at 781-314-9005 or via ehicky at lungne dot org.

Globe goes beyond construction employment numbers Posted by on

The Boston Globe this weekend ran a piece that scratched just a bit beyond the surface of unemployment in the construction industry. Local 56 Pile Driver Barry Beaudoin and Local 40 Carpenter Vionet Montano were interviewed for the article, as was NERCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Mark Erlich.

Labor Guild releases fall schedule Posted by on

The Labor Guild's School of Labor Relations has released its schedule of classes for the fall semester. Classes begin September 12 and run through November 14. All classes are held in one of two periods between 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at the Guild's Weymouth office. A full class list is available at

Award winning construction: the Carpenters Center Posted by on

The Carpenters Center was recently recognized by Metal Architecture magazine as part of their 2011 Design Awards. The Carpenters Center was selected as the winner of the Renovations and Retrofit category. The award recognized the Carpenters Center as ??a renovation [that] salutes a legacy of craftsmanship and looks to the future.??

From Metal Architecture:
The New England Council of Carpenters in Boston required an update to a tired brick building and the project got the recognition of our judges. Mark Dewalt says, "This was a stunning rescue of an aging building." Andrew Cottrell adds, "Through the use of metal, the form, the colors and pattern create a symbol and statement for carpenters everything about what can be done with basic elements in unique ways."

One side of the building fronts a fastpaced highway, while the other side faces a community. Boston-based architects ADD Inc. used that duality to capture the history and the future of the carpenters union. Principal in charge Jeff Wade, AIA, explains on the more people-oriented side, "We used warmer colors, using the pewter finish on the Alucobond. We brought in cedar and glass and made it feel more neighborly, warm and traditional-kind of like carpenters are."

But on the highway side, the firm designed an elevation that represents the carpenters looking ahead and being more modern. "Long panels of different colors show that off and give a sleeker, more horizontal structure. That's what gave a shape to the building. We actually played with the shape, making it higher on one end to accentuate the length and even made it look like it was moving."

Mooresville, N.C.-based 3A Composites USA Inc. supplied 43,000 square feet of 4-mm Alucobond aluminum composite panels for the project. Of that, 22,000 square feet was finished in Pewter Creek, while Copper Metallic and Carpenter Mica each comprised 10,500 square feet.
The building also includes a huge media screen, showcasing the carpenters as modern and vital. The installation of the screen required flashing, of course, as the structure penetrated the skin of the building. "That was tricky," says Wade, "but metal panel is pretty easy to work with. It's very forgiving and very easy to make it do what you want.??

"We're a traditional organization that has been around for over a hundred years, but we are also a modern, innovative organization," says Mark Erlich, NERCC executive secretary-treasurer. ??We're a group with an enormous sense of pride and we want people to see what we do."

The use of glass along the bottom of the building on the highway side was done to allow outsiders to see into the building, to show there are no secrets, and to show the members going through training and keeping current. The renovation-which Cottrell says "surpasses the idea of renovation"-took an aging building and made it essential and modern, while offering the carpenters a stage to showcase their own consequence and substance.

You can also view this story on the Metal Architecture website.

More construction jobs coming to Boston Posted by on

Construction will begin next week on "The Victor" an 11-story residential building near the Boston Garden that is being developed by the Simpson Housing, a Denver-based company. Suffolk Construction is the Construction Manager on the project.

Scheduled for occupancy in early 2013, the $140 million project will be home to 286 luxury apartments, 138 parking spaces and 17,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor. The project has been "on the books" for four years, according to a story by Brendan Lynch in the Boston Herald. Casey Ross, of the Boston Globe, also has details on The Victor and other potential developments in the neighborhood.

The Globe also features an array of projects in and around Boston that could be starting soon, though some are in the very early stages of planning or seeking funding.

Study confirms what many suspected Posted by on

The decline in union membership in America accounts for a lot of the rise in income inequality, according to a new study by Harvard sociology professor Bruce Western.

??Our study underscores the role of unions as an equalizing force in the labor market,?? said study author Bruce Western, a professor of sociology at Harvard University. ??Most researchers studying wage inequality have focused on the effects of educational stratification??pay differences based on level of education??and have generally under-emphasized the impact of unions.??

From 1973 to 2007, wage inequality in the private sector increased by more than 40 percent among men, and by about 50 percent among women. In their study, Western and co-author Jake Rosenfeld, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington, examine the effects of union decline on both between-group inequality and within-group inequality. Between-group compares people from different demographics and industries, while within-group looks at people from the same demographics and industries.

Focusing on full-time, private sector workers, Western and Rosenfeld find that deunionization??the decline in the percentage of the labor force that is unionized??and educational stratification each explain about 33 percent of the rise in within-group wage inequality among men. Among women, deunionization explains about 20 percent of the increase in wage inequality, whereas education explains more than 40 percent.

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Best practices program highlighted in HBJ Posted by on

The Hartford Business Journal this week showcased the union's use of the UBC's "Best Practices in Health Care Construction" program to train carpenters. The specialized training emphasizes the special conditions and concerns that exist while building in active health care facilities and techniques and behaviors that limit the dangers construction brings to a healing environment.

To learn more about the program, visit NERCC's "Health in Building" site or